Statewide Transportation Improvement Program

The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is Virginia’s federally required four-year program that identifies the transportation projects (highway, passenger rail, freight, public transit, bicycle and pedestrian) that will utilize federal transportation funding or require approval from either the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) or Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

The program must include all projects in an urbanized area that are included in an MPO’s TIP (Metropolitan Planning Organization Transportation Improvement Program) as well as federally funded projects in the nonmetropolitan areas of Virginia. Currently there are fifteen MPO areas.  

For more information about each MPO’s TIP, please click the corresponding link for the area.

Federal regulations require each state to produce a STIP at least once every four years; however, Virginia updates their STIP every three years to ensure the program never lapses. Federal regulations require that the STIP demonstrate fiscal constraint to show that the state is not scheduling more transportation projects for construction than it has funding for.

Development of the Federal Fiscal Years 2018 – 2021 STIP

Virginia is currently in a STIP update cycle and in the process of preparing the next STIP for Federal Fiscal Years 2018 – 2021.   VDOT and DRPT are working with the MPOs to update their TIPs and are in cooperation with transportation planning officials in nonmetropolitan areas on inclusion of federally funded projects in the nonmetropolitan areas of Virginia. Draft TIPs will be included without change into Virginia’s new STIP along with projects in nonmetropolitan areas.

Virginia provides many opportunities for the public to provide input on transportation projects and priorities as part of the continuing transportation planning process for the development of the STIP and the state required Six-Year Improvement Program. 

Nonmetropolitan area project lists will be made available at the Spring Transportation Meetings.

Once preparation of the new STIP is complete, it will be made available here on VDOT’s website for a minimum of 30 days.

Federal Fiscal Years 2015 – 2018 STIP

As a result of federally required public involvement for each MPO’s TIP, the Fall Transportation Meetings and Spring Public Hearings, comments were received and incorporated into the Federal Fiscal Years 2015 – 2018 STIP. On Sept. 30, 2014, the FHWA and FTA approved the federal Fiscal Years 2015 - 18 STIP.

Federal Fiscal Years 2012 – 2015 STIP


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