Lynchburg District Transportation Update - Fall 2016

  .Christopher Winstead

District Engineer
Christopher Winstead, P.E. 

Projects by Locality

I am pleased to once again provide you with information about various programs in the Lynchburg District of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). I am particularly pleased to share with you information about a number of safety projects we have underway in the district. Here is a link to this update.

Our Six-Year Improvement Program for Fiscal Years 2017-22 allocates over $358 million to a variety of projects, including State of Good Repair, Revenue Sharing, Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) and SMART SCALE (formerly HB2).

On Page Two of the update document, you will note that the Lynchburg District is expected to receive over $29.9 million in Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funds in Fiscal Years 2017- 2022.  When you look at the projects highlighted, you will see that safety-related projects do not always have to be the most costly to be effective and give our citizenry peace of mind.

In addition, this document includes those projects that have been submitted for the second round of SMART SCALE funding. Public meetings have been taking place across the commonwealth to provide opportunities to review all submissions. There will be additional opportunities for public review and comment.

Last year, the Lynchburg District received over $85 million to fully fund 23 projects. We are making excellent progress on those as I mention later in the newsletter.

Finally, in an effort to keep you informed and to help you address citizen concerns, we have provided updates on various projects by county. This list is not all encompassing; for example, locally administered projects are not included. Information about other projects may be obtained by reviewing the Lynchburg District portion of the Fiscal Years 2017-22 Six-Year Improvement Plan.


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