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The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) now offers online live streaming video of the agency’s public construction and maintenance contract bidding letting.

Construction and maintenance advertisements are posted on VDOT’s Web site and mailed to all pre-qualified vendors each month.


Information on how to pre-qualify is at:

There are normally two advertisements each month, on the second and fourth Tuesday. The schedule is here.

The annual schedule for the advertisement and receipt of bids on VDOT projects is published in September for the following year.


The use of streaming video for bid openings is provided as a convenience for the contractors, sub-contractors and their management firms and should the streaming link access be unavailable or fail during the bid openings it does not nullify the validity of the scheduled process results.

Note: if there is no video stream active, the connecting will time out after several minutes and you will receive an error message.

The video is accessible to all personal computers using a broadband Internet connection. VDOT uses Windows Media Player since it is available with most Windows (2000, XP and Vista) and Mac platforms.


If clicking the icon at the right does not start the stream, copy and paste this link into your browser:

No browser incompatibility issues have been found with Windows 6.0 or higher. Download the free software at


If you clicked this link and you immediately get an error message, be sure:

  • That Windows Media Player is installed on your machine. If not, go to

  • That the “HTTP” option is checked on the "Networking" tab. To reach this tab in Windows Media Player:

    • Click “Tools” Then choose “Options,” and then click on the tab labeled “Network," or

    • Click the small triangle under “Now Playing” (Media Player 11) and choose “More Options,” then click on the “Network” tab.
  • Once there, place the check in HTTP, click “Apply,” then “OK,” and retry the link.

If you do not see a “Network” tab, contact your network administrator about enabling the network tab on Windows Media Player.


Page last modified: March 2, 2017