Structure and Bridge Division

LRFD Information

LRFD Project Listing and Criteria 

1: District Bridge Engineers - Andy Zickler

2: Finalized LRFD Project Listing - Andy Zickler

NHI LRFD Foundation Design Course Presentations

1: Structural Foundations and Earth Retaining Structures - Jerry DiMaggio, P.E.

2: Design of Shallow Foundations - Jerry DiMaggio, P.E.

3: Section 10.7 and 10.8-Deep Foundations - Jerry DiMaggio, P.E.

4: LRFD Theory - Deep Foundations

5: Section 11 - Abutments, Piers, and Walls - Jerry DiMaggio, P.E.

6: LRFD Specifications for Foundation and Earth Retaining Structure Design.

Presentation by Andy Zickler

VDOT Selected Software
Presentation by Andy Zickler

NHI LRFD Steel Design Training References

1: Steel Design Example

2: Updated Summary Specification

3: Guidelines for Design for Constructability

NHI LRFD Steel Design Course Presentations

1: LRFD Introduction - Thomas Saad, P.E.

2: Unified Steel Girder Design Specification - Michael Grubb, P.E.

3: Steel Girder Example - Michael Grubb, P.E.

4: Constructability Guidelines - William McEleney

5: Cover Page and Course Topics

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