Manual of the Structure and Bridge Division

For reference, the links below connect to voided document versions for each part.  To request dgn files of voided standards, email citing specific reasons for request.     

Part 1 Preface – Manual Overview and Use 
Part 2 Design Aids - Typical Details 
Part 3 Current Details 
Part 4 Prestressed Concrete Beam Standards
Part 5 Prestressed Concrete Slab Standards 
Part 6 Cast-In-Place Concrete Slab Spans 
Part 7 Steel Plate Girder Standards
Part 8 Steel Beam with Timber Deck Superstructure Standards
Part 11 Geotechnical Manual for Structures (currently no archived content)
Part 12 Sound Walls – Architectural Treatment (currently no archived content)
Manual of the Structure and Bridge Division - Current

Page last modified: Nov. 1, 2018