Information Technology Division

GIS and Data Warehouse Services

The Virginia Department of Transportation's (VDOT) Information Technology Division (ITD) supplies application development and support for the agency's Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Strategic internal and external partnerships are formed to share location-based data that is critical to the business needs of state and local governments.

The division provides data and project management and oversight for agency-wide GIS software and coordinates the development and maintenance of enterprise GIS centerline data.

VDOT's ITD, through its GIS program, coordinates all data management activities related to the compilation and reporting of the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) information to the Federal Highway Administration.

ITD oversees the development and maintenance of the Enterprise Data Warehouse (DW). From a business perspective, data from various functional organizations resides in a common repository, with a consistent metadata dictionary, providing a rich array of integrated features for finance, human resources, administration, procurement, work order management, maintenance and construction management, scheduling, and project management.

The DW is the data resource for many of the agency's performance portal and decision support tools. Through these applications and tools, statistical and logical techniques are applied to describe, summarize, and compare data and present it graphically for simplified interpretation.

Visibility into VDOT's business is provided both internally and to the public through the utilization of these performance portals.

Due to the criticality of accuracy of agency data, VDOT has established a data integrity program to ensure quality data through data standards, data models and periodic data quality reviews.

VDOT also has implemented comprehensive metadata repository technical information about agency systems and data.

Page last modified: Jan. 26, 2018