Information Technology Division

IT Governance and Project Management

  • As part of the Agency's Strategic Plan, the Division produces, maintains, and reports on the Agency IT Strategic Plan.

  • In support of the Division's system development efforts, IT program standards and policies are developed, published and maintained. These documents are reviewed regularly for accuracy and applicability in order to facilitate compliance with State and Agency requirements for project management and systems development.

  • The establishment of VITA has brought about a requirement for Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) on all major development projects. In compliance with this directive, VDOT's ITD engages IV&V services for all major projects.

  • VDOT's ITD Project Managers are certified by VITA's Project Management Division (PMD) and/or Project Management Institute (PMI).

  • VDOT IT program is regularly audited by VDOT Internal Audit Division and the external Auditor of Public Accounts. The Division provides support, coordination and tracking for both internal and external audits to ensure timely responses and follow-up.

  • VDOT is required to report status on all major IT initiatives at the VITA IT Project Dashboard. The Division Project Managers provide monthly updates, which are reviewed and approved at the Secretariat level.

  • VDOT's ITD serves as legislative and external Agency focal point for IT issues during General Assembly sessions.

Page last modified: Feb. 29, 2016