Information Technology Division

Systems Engineering and Production Management

  • VDOT's ITD provides technical support in the areas of enterprise management, systems management, and database administration for all IT projects. Project teams have ongoing support and guidance in the areas of server and applications architecture, systems integration, and Internet/Intranet deployment.
  • VDOT's Systems Engineers and Database Administrators design, configure, and manage VDOT's databases in support of the Agency's IT initiatives. Critical to providing efficient technology solutions for the Agency, responsibilities under this effort include database planning, configuration, installation, data conversion, database migration, performance tuning, capacity planning, and backup and recovery.
  • Modifications to VDOT's production environment are carefully monitored and managed. The Agency makes use of formal change management processes grounded in industry-standard best practices. Stress testing of applications is performed prior to production deployment.
  • With the technical expertise at an enterprise level, ITD's Systems Engineering Group recommends, implements, and supports core enterprise-wide applications. Such applications include Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server.
  • VDOT's ITD Systems Engineers ensure adequate industry-standard security protocols and processes are used in software development and deployment activities.


Page last modified: Feb. 29, 2016