Land Use Permits

24 VAC 30-151

VDOT's Land Use Permit Form Number LUP-AThe General Rules and Regulations of the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) provide that no work of any nature shall be performed on Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) highway right-of-way, a park-and-ride lot or safety rest area until written permission has been obtained from VDOT.  Written permission is granted either by permit or a state-authorized contract let by VDOT.

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About Land Use Permit Regulations

Land Use Permit Regulations set forth the rules that individuals, localities, and other entities must follow in order to conduct activities other than travel on the Commonwealth's highway systems that are under VDOT jurisdiction.  These include activities such as installation of utilities, construction of private and commercial entrances, landscaping, the temporary use of the right-of-way, as well as numerous other types of activities. The regulations set forth criteria used by VDOT when determining whether to issue a permit.  The regulations are intended to preserve the integrity of the highway system and protect the safety of motorists, pedestrians, and highway workers.

Development of the Land Use Permit Regulations

The current Land Use Permit Regulations were prepared in accordance with Virginia’s Administrative Process Act.  To assure a broad outreach of public input VDOT encouraged the public to provide comments on the proposed regulations and standards for a 60 day period.  Input was submitted via the internet, the U.S. Mail, and in-person at three (3) public hearings conducted throughout the state.  The proposed regulations and standards were also published in the Virginia Register and posted on VDOT’s website.

  • More than 53 written and public hearing comments were received from individuals, developers, companies, consultants, and business organizations.  VDOT utilized these comments along with input from other stakeholders to develop the final version of the regulations.
  • Public hearing comments and VDOT responses (PDF, 316 MB)

The current Land Use Permit Regulations were approved by the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) on October 15, 2009 and became effective on March 17, 2010. These new regulations replace the 1983 Land Use Permit Manual.

Applying for a Permit

Most land use permits can be obtained at local VDOT district permit offices.  Certain permits, such as district-wide permits that cover regional activities rather than a specific location, are issued through the VDOT Central Office Land Use Permit section in Richmond.

Permit Types Get the MS-Word Viewer

The type of activities that are requested through the land use permitting process varies greatly.  To provide the customer with information specific to their request the following documents have been provided for many of the typical land use permit types.  The customer should consult the local VDOT district permit office for guidance relating to unique requests not found here.

Note:  All documents are Microsoft Word files unless otherwise noted.

LUP-BM Building Movement
LUP-BR Bicycle Race Events
LUP-DWSV District-wide Permit - Surveying Operations
LUP-DWTLE District-wide Permit - Temporary Logging Entrances
LUP-DWUSC District-wide Permit - Utility Service Connections
LUP-GC Golf Cart & Utility Vehicle Accommodation
LUP-IR Private Irrigation System Installation
LUP-LS Landscape Installation & Maintenance
LUP-LT Lighting Installation
LUP-OAVC Outdoor Advertising Structure Vegetation Control
LUP-PE Private Entrance Installation
LUP-PRC Photo-Red Camera System Installation
LUP-PU Private Utility Service Crossing
LUP-RC Road Construction - Commercial Entrance Installation
LUP-RGCRI Regional Permit - Cultural Resource Investigation
LUP-RGUTT Regional Permit - Utility Tree Trimming Operations
LUP-RM Roadside Memorial Installation
LUP-SE Special Events
LUP-SWCD Soil and Water Conservation District Sign Installation
LUP-VM Volunteer Mowing Activities


Forms Get the MS-Word Viewer

The applicable land use permit form is dependent upon the type of activity to be performed within VDOT right-of-way.  Because this work can vary significantly, the following forms have been provided to assist the customer in making application for a land use permit.

Note:  All forms are Microsoft Word files unless otherwise noted.

LUP-A Land Use Permit Application  
LUP-AUA Agricultural Use Agreement  
LUP-BMA Land Use Permit Application - Building Movement  
LUP-BMI Building Movement - Investigator’s Report  
LUP-BMQ Building Mover Prequalification Questionnaire  
LUP-BMR Building Movement - Route Certification  
LUP-BMV Building Movement - VDOT Recommendation  
LUP-CS Cash Surety Affidavit  
LUP-CSB Corporate Surety Bond  
LUP-CUA Commercial Use Agreement  
LUP-ESCCC Erosion & Sediment Control Contractor Certification  
LUP-IPP Land Use Permit Application In Place Utility (New Street Acceptance)  
LUP-LC Bank Irrevocable Letter of Credit  
LUP-OC Open-Cut Pavement Restoration Requirements  
LUP-PA Permit Agreement for Occupation of Right-of-Way  
LUP-PRU Land Use Permit Application - Prior Rights Utility  
LUP-SB Surety Bond  
LUP-SEA Special Event Approvals  
LUP-SEI Special Event Information  
LUP-SPG Special Provisions - General  
LUP-WZTCC Work Zone Traffic Control Certification  
RESOLUTION City, County, Town Resolution  



LUP-A Land Use Permit Application in PDF  
LUP-ESCCC Erosion & Sediment Control Contractor Certification  
LUP-IPP Land Use Permit Application – In Place Utility (New Street Acceptance)  
LUP-SPG Special Provisions - General  
LUP-WZTCC Work Zone Traffic Control Certification  

Guidance Information  Get the MS-Word Viewer

The following guidance information and associated documents are being provided to the customer as additional resources relating to the land use permitting processes.

Note:  All appendices are Microsoft Word files unless otherwise noted.


 Frequently asked questions


Processing permit requests on limited access right-of-way


Checklist for processing limited access permit requests


Processing requests for changes in limited access control


Processing permit requests for Fiber Optic Resource Sharing Projects (FORS)


Procedures for addressing delinquent permits


Processing permit requests for Comprehensive Roadside Management Projects (CRMP)


Processing permit requests for Roadside Management Special Projects (RMSP)


Illicit Discharge Notification Template


Quit Claim Deed - Power Distribution


Quit Claim Deed – Power Transmission


Subordination of Rights Agreement - Street Acceptance


Subordination of Rights Agreement - Dominion Virginia Power


Transit Shelter Installation Guidelines


Checklist for Fiber Optic Resource Sharing Projects (FORS)


Guidance on the Installation of Watch for Children signs


Mailbox Installation Guidelines


District Permit Offices & Counties


Land Use Permit & Geographic Information Systems Integration


Delegation of Authority for Administration of Land Use Permit Regulations


Additional Information

If you would like additional information regarding the Land Use Permit Regulations and related processes and forms, please contact the local VDOT district permit office in the locality where the activity is to be performed or the VDOT Central Office Land Use Permit section in Richmond at (804) 786-0622 or (804) 786-0759.


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