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  • CABB (Construction Advertisement Bulletin Board System) Includes revisions, plan holders list, price sheets, links to electronic proposal and plans, etc. For questions regarding the CABB system, call 804-786-2124
    • Instructions for creating an account on the CABB system
      Reminder: To subscribe to any or all projects listed in CABB, place a check in the subscribe column to receive email alerts you of changes made on a project.
    • How to ask questions about a project on advertisement
    • How to export questions and answers from the current projects on advertisement - Instructions
    • How to export questions and answers from projects already bid / awarded- Instructions
  • If you would like to receive a link to the advertisements each month via email, please fill out either form: (Word or PDF)  and email the form to

*Effective December 31, 2018 the Construction Division Plan Room will no longer sell paper plans and contract documents. If a recent advertisement did not include the applicable order forms, paper plans and contract documents will not be available for the subject project.  Digital plans and contract documents will be available through CABB and ProjectWise.  The 2016 Road and Bridge Specification Book will still be available from the Plan Room until further notice.

How to obtain the Plan Holders List via the system Projectwise!  (1/9/2019)

Electronic Proposals and Plans via ProjectWise

The Falcon Document Management System has been replaced by Bentley ProjectWise. This will provide full document management functionality and design collaboration between our business partners and VDOT.

Everyone in your firm that needs ProjectWise access will need to follow this process:

To establish ProjectWise access, a COV (Commonwealth of Virginia) account needs to be created for you. You will need to complete forms ITD-36E and LD-899.

You will receive an email once your COV account has been set up. When your account is ready, you will be able to access your ProjectWise account via the COV domain.

Forms (Please make sure you send forms to Location & Design / William Elliott for processing)

Logging in to ProjectWise Server

You have access to ProjectWise as long as you have a COV domain account created and your permanent password.

  • Log into the VDOT ProjectWise server: 
  • Location tab is: VDOT ProjectWise
  • Login using COV\ You must include COV\ in front of your user name and you do not need at the end.
  • Type in your password and you'll be logged in.

Send your questions and comments to the CADD Support Helpdesk.  A trouble ticket will be created and you will get a return email with an assigned case number.

Electronic Bidding

Note: Bid Express and eVA are individual entities.

Please note that you must obtain a Digital ID with Bid Express in order to bid electronically. This could take up to two weeksEmail the Prequalification Office for pending digital IDs.

Regarding VSBEP Construction Projects

  • Small Business Enterprise Program Web page

Standard Consultant Procurements

Design Build RFQs/RFPs

Tier I and Tier II Cut-Off Dates and Guidelines

Present and Future Projects


Page last modified: March 15, 2019