Electronic Bidding Procedures

How to fill out the Miscellaneous Section (Work in Progress)


Dropdown Boxes:  There are several mandatory dropdown boxes where you can choose a value; they cannot be left blank.


Acknowledgement of Revisions:  You must select (Did or Did Not)


Contracting Association Membership:  Enter the name of the Contracting association that you are a member of and its location.  If you do not have a membership, place None or N/A in the first name box.  Leaving this blank will keep the Miscellaneous folder red but you can still submit the electronic bid.


The next two dropdown boxes require you to make a choice (Have, Have Not).

Next, the dropdown box requires you to certify to the information listed above (Yes or No).


Conditional Withdrawals: (Yes or No).  If you select Yes, you must then fill out the remainder of the boxes on the form.


Status of Contracts on Hand:  You must select either Will or Will Not

Paper Status of Contracts on Hand (C-42):  Submit once a year with the annual prequalification information and as major changes occur in the contractor's capacity.


Electronic Bid Submission Certification:  You must select Yes or No.




Page last modified: Aug. 27, 2015