Electronic Bidding Procedures

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Expedite Bid:  The Four Folders


EXPEDITE SOFTWARE - multiple states

Each state uses a separate version of Expedite.  If you firm bids on projects in multiple states you will need to have separate versions installed on your computer.  Make sure when you download the State's version of Expedite that you save it to your computer with a unique name (Example: VAexpedite, NCexpedite, GAexpedite, etc.).  This avoids conflicts between different versions residing on the same computer.


Schedule of Items

Contractor types in bid prices for each item.


Expedite DBE Commitments

The electronic version of the C-111 and C112 instructions.

*Helpful Hints

  • If you are a DBE bidding as a Prime on a project having DBE goals, you will fill out the DBE folder as the DBE (even if that means selecting all items).
  • If you are filling out the electronic DBE Commitments in Expedite and you can not find the DBE in the drop-down menu, you can type in the firm and their ID number, then the City & State for the Address.


Miscellaneous Data (Forms)

Dropdown Boxes:  There are several mandatory dropdown boxes where you can choose a value; they cannot be left blank.

Acknowledgement of Revisions:  You must select (Did or Did Not)

VDOT will notify you by mail, place the revision letter on our Construction Advertisement Bulletin Board (CABB), and if there is a change in the [price sheets, time, limits, or DBE goals], there will be an amendment file on the Bid Express web site for the respective project.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you download and apply the amendment.

Once and amendment file has been posted, it can be found on the Bid Express page for the specific project.  Links are available on the right hand side of the screen.  The amendment file link is available underneath the ".EBS" file and it has an extension as follows:

- Initial amendment file:  .001 file extension (24marH04.001)
- If a subsequent file is posted it will have a .002 extension  (24marH04.002)

From the bid Express web site, you download the amendment fie and save it to your Expedite/Gen folder.  Open Expedite, open the original EBS file for the call that has been revised, click the "File" menu, and then "load Amendment".  A pop up window will show you what changes have been made to the file.

To ensure you have all revisions you must check the advertisement page (CABB).  Revisions are noted in the third column under "Notices" and there is a link from BidX to this site.  Failure to acknowledge revisions will results in rejection of bids.

Contracting Association Membership:  Enter the name of the Contracting association that you are a member of and its location.  If you do not have a membership, place None or N/A in the first name box.  Leaving this blank will keep the Miscellaneous folder red but you can still submit the electronic bid.

->The next two dropdown boxes require you to make a choice (Have or Have Not).

->Next, the dropdown box requires you to certify to the information listed above (Yes or No).

Conditional Withdrawals: (Yes or No).  If you select Yes, you must then fill out the remainder of the boxes on the form.

*FYI:  In the event the contractor is the low bidder on (a, several) project(s), the Department will award the contractor projects the value of which will not exceed the total.

Status of Contracts on Hand:  You must select either Will or Will Not

Paper Status of Contracts on Hand (C-42):  Submit once a year with the annual prequalification information and as major changes occur in the contractor's capacity.

Electronic Bid Submission Certification:  You must select Yes or No.

Joint Venture Process: Each contractor in a Joint Venture must meet the prequalification regulations and currently be prequalified in good standing. The prequalification level assigned to the Joint Venture is determined by review of each contractor’s prequalification level. The Joint Venture must complete and submit the JV agreement form that is provided by the Prequalification Office. Once final review is completed the JV will be given a unique JV Vendor # for VDOT’s internal documentation. In regards to the JV’s Digital ID, the lead venturer may use their firm’s Digital ID and will need to modify the submitted name for bid to the JV name on the specific project.


The Bid Bond

The following scenarios are acceptable for Paper and/or Electronic Bids/Bonds:

Paper bid (when specifically allowed by the proposal) with an electronic bond:  You must fill out the Surety number given to you by the surety agent on the C-24 form; sign it and submit with your paper bid.  VDOT uses this number to verify your bid bond.

Electronic bid with a paper bond:  The bond must be in the State Contract Engineer office prior to reading the bid or your bid will be considered non-responsive.  Your bid bond folder will stay red in Expedite but you can still submit the electronic bid.

Electronic bid with the electronic bond number on paper: You must fill out the Surety number given to you by the surety agent on the C-24 form, the bond must be in the State Contract Engineer office prior to reading the bid or your bid will be considered non-responsive.  Your bid bond folder will stay red in Expedite but you can still submit the electronic bid. 

Annual Bid Bonds:  If you are using the annual bid bond process, you must ensure that the Power of Attorney is delivered to the State Contract Engineer prior to the bid opening.

Troubleshooting the Electronic Bid Bond:  If you receive an error message while preparing your electronic C-24 (Proposal Guaranty) in Expedite for Bid Express due to a conflict of the Contract ID between the electronic version and the front cover of the Proposal, please fax in (before 10am bid letting day) a hard copy of the C-24 with the Bond Validation Number at the bottom.  Fax Number:  (804) 225-2447

Surety Registry Agencies:

Surety 2000:

Tel: (800) 660-3263 Email: help@surety2000.com

InSure Vision (SurePath Network):

Tel: (800) 989-6417 Email: support@insurevision.com



Page last modified: July 13, 2018