Prequalification Section

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  • If you have any questions regarding the prequalification process after viewing our instructions,
    please direct all inquiries to the Prequalification Officer at
  • Prequalified List 
    • Work Classes assigned to a Highway Construction firm’s prequalification indicates the firm’s noted area of expertise. The work classes assigned is evaluated by the firm’s previous history of Highway Construction work performed (Not to include a Prime’s subcontractor(s) work performed on the firm’s projects) and Highway Construction equipment currently owned as well as immediately available Highway Construction equipment to be used to perform any work on all scopes of current Highway Construction Projects.

    • Please Note: Work classes assigned by VDOT does not limit a Highway Contractor to those work class areas. They may perform Highway Construction work in other work classes as long as the Highway Contractor has demonstrated their firm currently employs the expertise workforce & has the Highway Construction equipment immediately available to perform this scope of work on the VDOT Highway Construction Project(s). The only limitation is if the firm is assigned Subcontractor only (SCO) then this firm may not bid nor work as a Prime. 

  • Form C-28 BASIC HOURLY RATES PAID BY CONTRACTOR has been revised to incorporate fringe benefits and certain work classifications have been combined. Use of the revised form C-28 PREVAILING WAGES PAID BY CONTRACTOR will be effective immediately. For more information on Prevailing Wages including fringe benefits use this link:  (for fringe benefits click on tab DBA/DBRA COMPLIANCE PRINCIPLES); For a list of the combined work classifications see the instructions for form C-28 PREVAILING WAGES PAID BY CONTRACTOR.
  • Contractor's Performance Evaluations (CPE)


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