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County Construction Initiative

In the summer of 2005, VDOT established a stakeholder group of county officials from across the state to develop a process for counties to follow when considering assuming responsibility of its secondary construction program.  This process clearly defines what steps will be taken once a county expresses interest in assuming responsibility for its secondary construction program.  The process includes a checklist to ensure all aspects of the program are addressed. 

The stakeholder group also developed the “keys to success,” which is a list of items to be considered for counties to successfully administer their secondary construction program. The stakeholder group recorded several significant factors that will be essential to the counties successfully assuming responsibility for their secondary construction program, some of which required legislative changes. Most of the suggested legislative changes were approved in recent legislative sessions.  In 2006, section 33.1-75.3 of the Code of Virginia was modified to allow localities to enter property for surveying, the authority to relocate utilities, and to request that a locally administered project be fully state funded provided adequate state funds exist to meet federal obligation authority.  In 2007, section 33.1-23.4 was revised to define the process for a county to assume secondary construction responsibility and to define how construction funds will be paid to the county.

The final report, titled Report for Counties Assuming Responsibility for their Secondary Construction Program, contains the results of the stakeholder meetings and both the checklist and keys to success.

For additional information regarding the County Construction Initiative and report, please contact:

Penny Forrest, Special Projects Manager @ 804-786-9810

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