Fairfax Permits Section Contacts


Section Contacts

Reception Phone:  703-259-1773




Permits Manager
Houda Ali , P.M.P. (703) 259-2931


Assistant Manager (Field Operations) 
Mike Kroskie – (703) 259-2788


Site Plan Permits
Aminul H Chowdhury  for commercial construction and new subdivision connection to VDOT right of way


Single Lot Permits  

Email to:  NOVAFairfaxPermits@VDOT.Virginia.gov for single lot permits such as driveways, sanitary sewer connections, water connections


Landscaping Permits
Email to: 
NOVAFairfaxPermits@VDOT.Virginia.gov for planting, maintenance, or removal of landscaping in 

VDOT right-of-way


County Public Works Permits 
Email to: NOVAFairfaxPermits@VDOT.Virginia.gov
Rashid Siraj for County Permits in VDOT right of way


Street Acceptance
Nadia Alphonse  for new subdivision street acceptance and changes in VDOT right of way (abandonment/vacation)


General Information
Email to: 
NOVAFairfaxPermits@VDOT.Virginia.gov for status of permits, permit reinstatements/extensions, 

inspection requests


Permit Field Engineers

Map for Respective Areas


Comments and Suggestions 



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