Local Partnership Initiatives

PDF  Local Partnership Initiatives Update -- March 2006

The General Assembly approved several amendments to the 2004-2006 biennium budget that continue to promote the VDOT-locality partnership. These amendments establish several initiatives to encourage localities to assume responsibility for all or parts of their construction programs. The specific portion of the budget amendment pertaining to local partnerships and associated initiatives are highlighted below:

PDF Budget Amendment

$40 million is earmarked to encourage localities to manage and administer upcoming construction projects. The Local Partnership Fund initiative designates $40 million to encourage local governments to assume responsibility for the management and administration of certain transportation projects within the locality. To request funds from the Local Partnership Fund, the locality must identify a qualifying project or projects, and agree to administer the selected projects. Qualifying projects are those scheduled for advertisement between July 1, 2005 and June 30, 2006 based on the VDOT advertisement schedule, that are federally funded through the secondary or urban system allocation. Applications are due by June 1, 2005.

PDF Letter of invitation to localities
PDF Local Partnership Fund Guidelines
 PDF  Approved Projects

VDOT will implement a modified Revenue Sharing Program for FY06, utilizing $15 M of existing funds and $35 M in one-time funding. This program will include cities and towns within the Urban system. Matching funds have been increased from $500,000 to $1,000,000 per locality. Applications are due by July 22, 2005. Notification of actual allocations will be made in October 2005.

VDOT will develop procedures related to selection of grant recipients under the local Revenue Sharing Program. Existing revenue sharing procedures will be reviewed and documented. Processes will be developed for prorating grants and selection of recipients based on locality matching funds. New procedures will be in place for the FY07 program.

VDOT will establish a Local Partnership Team to provide technical assistance and training to localities. An independent team, with members having varied technical backgrounds will be created. The Local Partnership Team will provide training statewide of local government staff working on locally administered projects. Team members will provide specific training for all aspects of project management and administration, as well as a boot camp type training for localities taking over their improvement program in it’s entirety. Procedures and reporting guidelines will be established. The team will be formed by Fall 2005.

VDOT will review and revise the definition of business and industry that qualify for access road funding. Residencies and representatives of local Economic Development Agencies will be surveyed regarding the definition of eligible businesses for use of industrial access funds. A focus group, consisting of representatives of local governments and local, regional and state economic development agencies, will be formed to review comments and offer suggestions on the update of the industrial access definition of eligible businesses. A report outlining suggested changes to the Code will be completed by November 2005.

VDOT will develop and prepare legislative recommendations for the process for counties to assume responsibility for their secondary road programs.  A group comprised of representatives of counties and VDOT staff will be created. The group will develop recommended legislative changes needed for counties to manage their construction program. They will determine operational changes needed for counties to manage construction program and will suggest operational changes. The group will establish procedures for counties to assume responsibility of their secondary road programs. The procedures and legislative package has been compiled and submitted to the Governor.

PDF  Report for Counties Assuming Responsibility for their Secondary Construction Program

Two percent matching highway fund requirement waived. Any city or town that assumes responsibility for it’s construction program shall not be required to provide a 2% match for all new projects as of July 1, 2005. All new projects in eligible cities or towns after July 1 will be so designated and will not be assessed the 2 % match. Associated guidelines will be revised to reflect change.

For more information, contact Penny Forrest at 804-786-9810 or penny.forrest@VDOT.virginia.gov  

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