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Forest Highway Program

The Public Lands Highways – Forest Highway Program provides money for the improvement of Forest Highways.  Forest Highways are public roads that are owned by state or local agencies, serve the National Forest system, and are designated by the FHWA’s Federal Lands Highway Division (in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service and VDOT) as Forest Highways.  Forest Highways should not be confused with Forest Development Roads, which are owned by the U.S. Forest Service.

The funds available to Virginia from this program vary from year to year, but are approximately $1.5 million.  Forest Highway funding does not require a local match.  As with all federal programs, federal authorization must be obtained before beginning work on a particular phase of a project.  If authorization is not received before work begins, that phase of the project will not be eligible for federal funding.

A meeting is held annually, generally in November or December, where FHWA, Forest Service, and VDOT representatives review program progress and to adjust priority or add projects to the plan.

Contact: Peggy Todd, 804-786-7399

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