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Public Lands Highways

The Public Lands Highways Discretionary Program provides funding for improvements to roads that are open to public travel and serve federal property such as National Forests, National Parks, nontaxable Indian lands, military installations, or other Federal reservations.  Each year, the FHWA Federal Lands Highway Division issues a call for the submission of applications for participation, with applications required to be submitted by VDOT to the FHWA Virginia Division for candidate projects in the upcoming federal fiscal year.

This program is entirely discretionary in nature and there is no minimum level of funding for projects in Virginia.  Public Lands Discretionary funding requires no local match, but state and local financial support of a project is one of the factors considered when the FHWA decides which projects it will fund.  As with all federal programs, federal authorization must be obtained before beginning work on a particular phase (PE, RW, or Construction) of a project.  If authorization is not received before work begins, that phase of the project will not be eligible for federal funding.

Contact: Peggy Todd, 804-786-7399

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