Under MAP-21, the core Federal Lands Highway Programs were restructured. With this new transportation bill the Forest Highway Program (FHP) and Public Lands Highways Discretionary Program (PLHD) came to an end.

The new Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP), which will be administered by Eastern Federal Lands (EFL), builds upon the structure of the former programs. The goal of FLAP is to improve transportation facilities that provide access to, are adjacent to, or are located within Federal lands.

Similar to the FHP, the statute requires a Tri-party committee to make programming decisions and develop a multi-year program of projects. The committee, known as the Programming Decision Committee (PDC) is comprised of a representative of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), a representative of the Virginia Department of Transportation, and a representative for local governments within that State. Projects will be selected through an application process. The PDC will consider the selection criteria and Federal Land Management Agency input to optimize the use of the statewide Federal Lands Access Program funds.

The funds available to Virginia from this program vary from year to year and are subject to being reduced each year by applicable rescissions, set-asides, or any other limitations cited in law. Unlike the FHP and PLHD, a local match of 20% is now required for the Federal Lands Access Program. The funds made available under this program will be available for the current year plus three additional years.

Contact: Jeff Tipton - 804-786-7399

Eastern Federal Lands – Call For Projects

The Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division (EFLHD) of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will be accepting Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) applications in order to develop a multi-year program of projects for Federal Fiscal Years (FY) 2017 through FY 2020.  All final project approvals will be contingent upon the availability of funds in the year for which they are being requested.

 The Call for Projects application period opens August 15, 2016 and runs through November 15, 2016.  Please explore our FLAP website located at http://flh.fhwa.dot.gov/programs/flap/ and follow the links to the state webpage to download the application, review the state’s program goals, associated scoring criteria, FAQ’s and tips for preparing a good application.   Applications should be submitted via email to EFL.planning@dot.gov by the end of the day (11:59 PM) on November 15, 2016 to be considered.  If required, applications via mail, Fedex, UPS etc. or fax will also be accepted.

An estimated total of $6M will be available for programming in Virginia.

Other programs include:


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