Primary Extensions, High Volume Unpaved Roads and State of Good Repair (SGR)

The CTB established two new programs to distribute funding available through Section 33.2-358 also referred to as the CTB formula funds.

Primary Extension Paving Funds / State of Good Repair - Pavements

Based on a legislative change that was effective July 1, 2014, Section 33.2-358 provides that Primary Extensions maintained by municipalities can receive a portion of the reconstruction and paving allocations previously only distributed to Interstate and Primary Roads with a combined condition index of less than 60.  The CTB approved a new program to address this Code change in their June 2014 Board meeting and an application process was initiated to allow municipalities to apply for this funding for qualifying projects.  In keeping with FHWA’s increased emphasis on the maintenance and operation of the National Highway System (NHS), VDOT has revised the scoring for the prioritization process to include additional points for segments on the NHS. Again this year the primary extension applications submitted for paving projects were scored for funding with both CTB formula funds and State of Good Repair (SGR) funds. Project selections scoring and funding were approved at the June 20, 2017 CTB Meeting. The approved FY18 project funding and scoring spreadsheets can be found at the links below.

PDFs pdf - unless otherwise marked

State of Good Repair (SGR) – Locally Owned Bridges

§33.2-369 of the Code of Virginia authorizes the Commonwealth Transportation Board to use funds allocated in § 33.2-358 and § 58.1-1741 to state of good repair purposes for reconstruction and replacement of structurally deficient state and locally owned bridges and reconstruction and rehabilitation of pavement on the Interstate System and primary state highway system determined to be deteriorated by the Board, including municipality-maintained primary extensions. The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) approved the prioritization process and methodology for selecting SGR Pavement and Bridge projects at their June 14, 2016 meeting. The approved resolution and prioritization process can be found at the following link:  The State of Good Repair Program was planned to begin in FY2021.  However, based on a more positive revenue outlook, VDOT began using funding through the State of Good Repair Program beginning this year (starting in FY2017).

The CTB selected projects for FY 17-18 payments.  The selected projects are at the link below:


Background Information

If you have questions about a specific bridge, you are encouraged to contact your VDOT District Bridge Engineer at the following:

If you have questions about the Bridge Prioritization formula or VDOTs Structure and Bridge Division information, you are encouraged to contact Adam Matteo at or Todd Springer at

High Volume Unpaved Road Funds

§33.2-358 of the Code of Virginia authorizes the set-aside of unpaved road funds for providing a hard-surface to unpaved roads with traffic volumes over 50 vehicles per day.  In June 2014, the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) began to set aside a portion of these funds to address high volume unpaved roads, which are defined as unpaved roads with a traffic count greater than 500 vehicles per day.  Allocations are awarded annually by the CTB based on applications submitted by Counties.  Information about the application process, qualifying routes, and previous years’ allocations is below.


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