Locally Administered Projects “Starter Pack” (Getting Started Guide)

LAP Starter Pack

The Starter Pack was developed to improve local governments understanding of the requirements associated with administering a transportation project.  

The Starter Pack is coined as a “Beginners Guide to Locally Administered Projects,” and is intended to serve as a getting-started resource for local government project managers and others that may be new or have limited familiarity with the expectations and requirements to administer a transportation project.  

The guide briefly outlines the major components, processes and procedures necessary to administer a transportation project, but should NOT be used as a substitute to the comprehensive LAP Manual.

Locally Administered Projects Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide guidance and direction to all stakeholders, outline federal requirements for those localities choosing to administer VDOT-funded projects with an emphasis on federal aid, and provide guidance to VDOT staff assigned an oversight role for locally administered projects.

The Highway Laws of Virginia has been recodified effective October 1, 2014.  Section 33.1 of the laws of Virginia has been re-numbered to Section 33.2.

If you have questions, comments, or suggested changes regarding the Locally Administered Projects Manual, contact Russ Dudley at 804-786-6663 or russ.dudley@vdot.virginia.gov.

To download Parts I-III of the manual (this enables cross-chapter links), click here.PDF (PDF, 5.4 MB)

To download Part IV of the manual (submittal samples), click here Adobe Reader (PDF, 16 MB) 

Click the PDF icons pdf in the table below to access the manual chapters.

Detailed Updates
March 2016 update summary

Part  Last updated PDF
Table of contents Oct. 1, 2014 pdf 554 KB
Preface Oct. 1, 2014 pdf 602 KB
Index Oct. 1, 2014 pdf 484 KB
Part 1- Program development n/a n/a
    1. VDOT policy Oct. 1, 2014 pdf 106 KB
    2. Qualifications for federal and state-aid project administration Mar. 1, 2016 pdf 144 KB
    3. Roles and responsibilities Oct. 1, 2014 pdf 628 KB
    4. Resources for local governments Oct. 1, 2014 pdf 593 KB
    5. State-funded projects and special programs Mar. 1, 2016 pdf 338 KB
    6. Certification program (Reserved) Oct. 1, 2014 pdf 100 KB
    7. Assessment/audit program requirements Feb 25, 2014 pdf 715 KB
    8. Project initiation and authorization Oct. 25, 2014 pdf 610 KB
    9. Project development overview/summary Mar. 1, 2016 pdf 209 KB
Part 2- Project management n/a n/a
    10. Project administration and agreements Mar. 1, 2016 pdf 241 KB
    11. Consultant procurement Mar. 1, 2016 pdf 305 KB
    12. Project development Mar. 1, 2016 pdf 574 KB
    13. Project delivery (construction administration) Mar. 1, 2016 pdf 791 KB
    14. Project close-out Oct. 1, 2014 pdf 762 KB
Part 3- Standards and practices for locally administered projects n/a n/a
    15. Environmental requirements Mar. 1, 2016 pdf 462 KB
    16. Right of way Oct. 1, 2014 pdf 1 MB
    17. Civil rights and disadvantaged business enterprises Mar. 1, 2016 pdf 554 KB
    18. Structure and bridge Mar. 1, 2016 pdf 333 KB
    19. Financial management / reimbursement processing Mar. 1, 2016 pdf 508 KB
Part 4 - Submittal samples             July 1, 2009 pdf 15.6 MB


“New flow-charts added” – Complete version

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