Location and Design Division

Survey Manual Chapters

Chapter 1
General Survey Information

Chapter 2
VDOT Equipment Reports

Chapter 3
VDOT Care of Equipment

Chapter 4>
Location Surveys

Chapter 5
Photogrammetric Surveys & Standards

Chapter 6
Closed Surveys

Chapter 7
Hydraulic Surveys

Chapter 8
Construction Surveys

Chapter 9
Final Surveys

Chapter 10
GPS Surveys & State Plane Coordinate System

Chapter 11
Survey CADD Standards

Chapter 12
Signing And Sealing Of Professional Survey Deliverables

Chapter 13
Subsurface Utility Engineering

Appendix A
CADD Level Structures, Line Styles, & Cells

Appendix B
Conversion Charts and Formulas
Appendix C
Virginia & National Map Accuracy Standards 


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