Hydraulics and Utilities Program Area Staff


Jeff Bragdon, P.E., PMP
State Hydraulics and Utilities Engineer
(804) 786-8025
Fax (entire Hydraulics Section): (804) 786-1788
E-Mail Address: Jeff.Bragdon@VDOT.Virginia.gov   
Victoria (Tory) Bains, P.E.
Assistant State Hydraulics and Utilities Engineer
Phone: (804) 225-3831
E-Mail Address: Victoria.Bains@vdot.virginia.gov       
Alex Hessa
Hydraulics Engineer
Phone: (804) 786-3193
E-Mail Address: Alex.Hessa@VDOT.Virginia.gov
Kyle Kennedy, P.E.
Hydraulics Engineer
Phone: (804) 786-1043
E-Mail Address: Kyle.Kennedy@VDOT.Virginia.gov
Tim Vermaaten, PMP
Utilities Coordinator
Phone: (804) 786-5483
E-Mail Address: Tim.Vermaaten@VDOT.Virginia.gov

Tal Wingate
Hydraulics Engineer
Phone: (804)786-2548
E-Mail Address: Tal.Wingate@VDOT.Virginia.gov     
John Matthews, P. E.
Assistant State Hydraulics Engineer
Phone: (804) 786-4031
E-Mail Address: John.Matthews@VDOT.Virginia.gov      
John Olenik
Hydraulics Engineer
Phone: (804) 371-0366
E-Mail Address: John.Olenik@VDOT.Virginia.gov

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