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Initial ProjectWise Password For External Users

Your COV accounts have been created and you will need to contact the VCCC (866) 637-8482 to get your initial password for the account.

While VCCC is on the phone they will want someone to verify you. Please have them email the distribution list A501-DL-Project Wise Entitlement group (ProjectWiseEntitlement@vdot.virginia.gov).  The entitlement step is very important.

Also just give VCCC a friendly reminder that you are not on VDOT's network so they will need to set it so that you don't have to change the password at first login. You will then need to do the below steps to be able to reset your passwords.

Reset External ProjectWise Users Password

You will need to register to reset your password at the below link. You will have to answer at least four of the security questions they ask; do NOT forget the answers to these questions.

Once you have registered then you will need to go to the below site to reset your password. Once you have logged in on the left hand side you should see change my password.  https://covpassword.vita.virginia.gov/default.aspx

You MUST login to your account at least once a month and you MUST change your password every 72 days. 
Make a calendar note to do this and do NOT forget.

This is ONLY the first step to getting access to ProjectWise.  You will receive at least two more emails regarding ProjectWise;

First email; you will be cc'ed on your access to ProjectWise was requested.
Second email; will be addressed to you letting you know that your access to ProjectWise has been completed.

Most of you should have received the first email letting you know that your ProjectWise account had been requested; there is nothing for you to do, it’s just informational.

When you get your access to ProjectWise you will login using COV\yourfirstname.yourlastname. The password will be your COV password that you set up when contacting the VCCC…the first step in the instruction 

Please do not call the VCCC telling them you need access to ProjectWise or that you can't access it if you have not gotten the two emails stated above.

If you have any questions/concerns then feel free to contact the CADD helpdesk at (804) 786-1280 or by email at CADDSupport@VDOT.Virginia.gov.

The link below may help answer some of your questions about ProjectWise and VDOT.

Page last modified: July 1, 2019