Notification of Availability of VDOT Hydraulic Software


Hydraulics Web Applications

The new Hydraulics Web Applications have replaced the individual DOS-based applications BRRIPRAP, CRITSTRM, DISCHAR, EPSON, HY-15, LP3SHELL, PFLOW, PQTRANS, RDDITCH, REGEQUAT, RIPRAP and VIRTOC as described in the file...  
     VDOT written-in-house Hydraulics Programs Adobe Reader
The DOS-based applications noted above are no longer available for individual distribution and will no longer be supported.  
Since these web applications and resulting input data files are stored on servers within the Department and to keep the size of such storage requirements within reasonable limits, access will only be granted to those either working directly on the Department’s own projects or those working on projects which, upon approval and/or acceptance, will ultimately come under the Department’s jurisdiction. Exceptions to the above may be granted predicated on the justification statement provided with the access request. In order to obtain access rights to the new Hydraulic Web Applications please download, completely fill out, and sign the following form…  
Fax the completed request form to the Web Section @ (804) 786-5157.  Once your request is received and approved, your assigned ID and Password will be emailed to you.  Please change your password upon receipt; this can be done under the Administration tab of the Web Application, and select the Password option on the left.  To display or print forms using the Adobe Acrobat Reader software (Version 8.0) must be present on your system.  If you do not have a copy currently installed on your PC, download and configure a free copy of the Adobe software before accessing the request/disclaimer form.  This is a one-time process which will then permit you to view and print forms/documents in the PDF format.  Follow the installation and browser configuration instructions provided.  If you have any questions or comments about these web-based applications, please e-mail Christopher Ruhf.  
If you require your password to be reset for access to the web-based applications, please e-mail  WEB Support.   

Page last modified: Oct. 14, 2012