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ProjectWise Implementation Training Schedule

The training is intended to provide users an overview of Bentley’s ProjectWise Explorer and Web Client and instruct users how to open ProjectWise and navigate within it. You will learn how to add, modify, view, and search for data. A series of Job Aids will be utilized to cover material specific to VDOT such as assessing and printing documents stored in ProjectWise through IPM, CABB, and MicroStation. There will be on-site training offered at all of VDOT’s District Offices and Central Office. Along with on-site classes, several 1 hour, 2 hour and 4 hour webinars will be available depending on how you use the system. If you’re a contractor and only download files from CABB, the 2-hour webinar is recommended. If you’re a VDOT staff, consultant, and download and upload files on a regular basis, the 4-hour on-site class or 4-hour webinar is recommended.

All classes are available at VDOT University and are open for registration.  Please sign up as soon as possible.  Classes are open to VDOT Staff and VDOT Business Partners.

ProjectWise Training For Falcon Web and VDOT IPM Users  

Each session will introduce users to Bentley's ProjectWise Explorer and Web Client. You will learn how to navigate from IPM to ProjectWise to retrieve Road, Bridge, and Right of Way Plan Drawing Sets.  Also, you will learn how to login, navigate, search, view, download, and print files.  Clcik on the session link and log into VDOT U to sign-up for one of the session listed.

Target Audience: The course is targeted for VDOT employees. If you are a current IPM and FalconWeb user and only view and print files, this 1-hour webinar is recommended.     

VDOT University Virtual Campus (VDOT U): Login 
Once you are logged in, the link will take you directly to the ProjectWise class listings.  
If you do not have a VDOT University login and password, you can register to request a new login and password at the login screen. If you experience issues with creating an account in VDOT U, email the Cadd Support Helpdesk to sign up for classes and webinars.   

Send your questions and comments to the CADD Support Helpdesk.  A trouble ticket will be created and you will get a return email with an assigned case number

Page last modified: June 28, 2018