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ProjectWise Account Creation and Password Reset for Contractors (Logical Accounts Only)
CADD Support now has the ability to create new ProjectWise logical accounts and reset passwords on expired or locked logical accounts. Contractors are no longer required to have a COV (Commonwealth of Virginia) Domain account or contact VCCC (VITA Customer Care Center).

To Request a new ProjectWise Contractor Account: You are required to provide completed ITD36E and LD899 forms for each user and email to CADDSupport@vdot.virginia.gov.  Once we receive the forms we will contact you by phone to establish your account.

Password Reset on Locked or Expired ProjectWise Contractor accounts: If you already had a COV account created, CADD Support can now unlock your account and reset your password. This will allow you to create your own password.
Contact the CADD Support Helpdesk at (804) 786-1280 or CADDSupport@VDOT.Virginia.gov and provide us your current login. We will then reset your account and call you with a temporary password. While on the phone, we will get you to login with the temporary password to make sure you have access. Once successfully in ProjectWise, click on Tools and scroll down to Change Password. Change your password and a dialog will pop up showing a successful change. The images below show how to reset your password at any time.

If you have any additional questions/concerns then feel free to contact the CADD helpdesk at (804) 786-1280 or by email at CADDSupport@VDOT.Virginia.gov.

The link below may help answer some of your questions about ProjectWise and VDOT. 

Page last modified: Dec. 20, 2018