Road Design Manual

This is an electronic version of the Road Design Manual 

General Information 
This electronic version of the Road Design Manual is in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (Version 8.0 or later) to view. If you do not have this software please click on the “Get Acrobat Reader” icon and follow the instructions to download and configure this software to view .pdf files. For instructions on the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader please open the Reader. PDF file that should be included with the downloaded Adobe Acrobat Reader software. 
The electronic version is divided into Imperial and Metric (Volumes l & ll Respectively) with each of the volumes divided into chapters and appendixes that parallel the paper version. To access the manual, click on either Volume I or Volume II on the web page and Adobe Acrobat Reader will automatically open the selected volume’s table of contents. To access a specific chapter and/or appendix click on text for the requested item and it should appear on your screen in the follow way: if you clicked on Chapter 1A, the first page in Chapter 1A will appear on your screen. 
When the specific chapter or appendix appears on the screen, an additional pane called “Bookmarks” will appear on the left side of the screen. The bookmarks are an additional listing of the sections, figures and tables contained in either the chapter or appendix of the manual. Bookmarks provide another way of accessing a section within a chapter/appendix by clicking on the bookmark to directly view a specific section rather than scrolling through the entire section/appendix. Within the section/appendix, any blue text is linked to that information and can be viewed by clicking on the blue text. 
If you have any questions regarding the content of the Road Design Manual, please contact Stewart Willis at 

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