Policy and Procedures

George T. Rogerson
Policy and Procedures Section Manager

The Policy and Procedures Section is responsible for managing the content and delivery of the Road Design Manual, Instruction & Informational Memoranda, LD Forms, Public Involvement Manual and the Drainage Manual as they relate the current Road and Bridge Standards and Specifications. We ensure timely delivery of all other Division policies, procedures and technical directives through coordination with technical experts throughout the Division and oversight of the impact that changes in one document have on other documents. We communicate and work with District and FHWA staff with regard to Departmental policies.

Contact Us with Questions or Comments

George T. Rogerson
(804) 786-8287
Please Contact for Public Involvement Manual and ADA Issues Including bicyclist and Pedestrians.             

Frank Waldrop
(804) 371-6449
Please Contact For Questions on L&D Instruction & Informational Memoranda (IIM).
Stewart Willis
(804) 786-1866 
Please Contact For Questions on the Road Design Manual.
Irwin E. Lewis  
(804) 692-0307  
Please Contact For Questions on the L&D Forms, No Plan Drawings and Applachian Development Highway System (ADHS) Cost Estimate.          

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