V8i Software

VDOT's CADD Package Software Downloads:  Download files from the VDOT FTP server 
located in the "download/V8i(SS)-CADD-Package-Software-Download" folder. 

Download forms
for Accessing the VDOT FTP Server
E-mail your questions or problems to CADD Support CADDSupport@vdot.virginia.gov.


V8i(SS) CADD Package Description
pbda08110703en.exe 283 MB Install Prerequisites for V8i
ms081107443en.exe 479 MB Install Version v8i
gkste081107494en.exe 440.5 mb Install GEOPAK Suite version
microstationv8i update.exe Install VDOT Configurations and Resource Files


VDOT's Bridge CADD Package Software Downloads: Download the files from VDOT FTP 
server located in the "download/V8i(SS)-Bridge-CADD-Package-Software-Download" folder.

V8i(SS) Bridge CADD Package Description
gkbrg08110755en.exe 8.3 MB Install GEOPAK Bridge version V8i
Page last modified: March 10, 2015