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Manual of Instructions (MOI) by Chapter:

I: General Instructions
II: Methods and Frequencies of Sampling
III: Geotechnical Engineering
IV: Sampling and Control of Hydraulic Cement Concrete
V: Sampling and Control of Asphalt Concrete

VI: Pavement Design and Evaluation
VII: Materials Acceptance and Materials Notebook Program
VIII: Reports and Forms
IX: Technical Tables and Related Data

Materials Division Memorandums (MDs):

MD431-20: Changes to the Materials Certification Schools Program
MD423-19: Section 114 Materials Certification Schools Program

Approved Lists:

Approved Lists (pdf 4MB) Updated Feb. 19, 2020
Pre-Approved NCHRP 350 Crash Tested List (Barriers) (pdf 90 KB)
Pre-Approved Traffic Control Device Listing (link)

Virginia Calibration Methods (VCMs): 

Virginia Calibration Methods (pdf 857KB) March 8, 2018

Virginia Test Methods (VTMs):

Virginia Test Methods (pdf 8 MB) March 5, 2019

CMA Certification Study Guide Chapter 3 Testing Procedures

VDOT Forms including Materials TL (Test Log) Forms

VDOT forms (link)

Materials Documentation

Source of Materials Resource Document (pdf 404 KB) Sept. 10, 2017

Bonded Weigh Program Training Manual (pdf) March, 2018

Radiation Protection Program Manual (pdf 3MB) Nov. 3, 2018

Materials Notebook Resource Document (pdf 2 MB) March 16, 2015 

Locally Administered Projects Manual Updates and Materials Quality Assurance Plan Requirements May 11, 2015

Materials Overview for Business Transformation Office

Geotechnical Software Support

Customized gINT Library, Data Templates, and MicroStation Converter (zip 113 MB) Updated May 1, 2018

Readme and Documentation (pdf 860 KB)

Pavement Design and Evaluation Documents:

AASHTOWare Pavement ME Pavement Design Input Files

Conferences and Seminars

2019 Virginia Concrete Conference

2019 Virginia Concrete Conference - Agenda

Pres 1 - Southgate Connector Diverging Diamond Interchange, Mann
Pres 2 - Innovativons in Precast Construction, Page
Pres 3 - Changes to Bridge Safety from implementation of MASH, Zickler
Pres 4 - I-64 High Rise Bridge Project, Shafer
Pres 5 - Rehab of Six bridges on I-95 Stafford and Spotsylvania Counties, Ramsis
Pres 6 - Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Replacement, Hubbard
Pres 7 - Lightweight Concrete for Bridge Decks and Overlays, Ozyildirum

Pres 1 - Improved Performance by Diamond Grinding, Roberts
Pres 2 - FDR Success in Virginia,David Stowell
Pres 3 - Virginia Concrete intersections, Crandol
Pres 4 - Ten years after performance of I64 Battlefield Boulevard, Habib
Pres 5 - SCDOT’s Concrete Pavement Preservation Program, Johnson
Pres 6 - Madison Heights Bypass success story, French
Pres 7 - I64 Project Incorporating Imported FDR, Tate and Diefenderfer

Pres 1 - Opening Comments, Deputy Commissioner Cary
Pres 2 - Fiber-reinforced Concrete for Bridge Structures, Ozyildirim
Pres 3 - VDOT Design Construction Guidelines Recent Updates, Walus
Pres 4 - 2019 Resilient Precast Infrastructure, Hoff
Pres 5 - Work Zone Safety, Portable Temporary Rumble Strips, Rush
Pres 6 - Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, Gross
Pres 7 - Virginia ACI Concrete Awards, Kuhn

2018 Virginia Asphalt Conference & Expo (Click Here)

2018 Virginia Concrete Conference

Pres 1 Sustainable Bridges Using Concrete in Virginia
Pres 2 Virginia’s State of Good Repair Program for Bridges
Pres 3 Rehabilitation of Rte. 198 over Harper Creek
Pres 4 Applications of Ultra‐High‐Performance Concrete and Prefabricated Concrete Elements in Accelerated Bridge Construction
Pres 5 Corrosion Mitigation Strategies for Concrete Structures
Pres 6 Update on Post-Tensioned Structures in Virginia
Pres 7 Repair of Metal Culverts Using ECC “Bendable Concrete”
Pres 8 Design Related Issues with Lightweight Concrete

Pres 1 Pervious Concrete Making the Impossible Possible
Pres 2 I-85 RCC Shoulder Construction in NC
Pres 3 Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) Virginia Experience - Past and Present
Pres 4 Engineering More Sustainable Pavements
Pres 5 VDOT Mechanstic-Empirical Pavement Design (MEPDG) Implementation
Pres 6, A Tool For Designing PCCP for All Applications

Pres 2 RFID Asset Tracking Materials & Tests Unit
Pres 3 2017 Excellence In Concrete Award
Pres 4 Where the West Virginia DOH is at with Mass Concrete
Pres 5 An Introduction to Low Density Cellular Concrete and Advanced Foam Technologies
Pres 6 Pushing the Envelope For 100 Years Tunneling under the Chesapeake Bay The Parallel Thimble Shoal Highway Tunnel (Permission Not Granted)

2017 Virginia Concrete Conference

Pres 1 McAninch - Small Bridge Program WGM 3-3-17
Pres 2 Sprinkel VCCPerfPTBridges3-3-17
Pres 3 David Liu_Precast Deck Panel with UHPC Joints_2016 VA CONCRETRE CONF
Pres 4 Davis Design Considerations from the Precast Industry 2017
Pres 5 Zickler 2017-03-03_Conc_Conf
Pres 6 Rex Pearce I-64 Dunlap Creek Bridge Rehabilitation - IBC050516 - Re-Present to 2017 VACC
Pres 7 Lowe_Inverted T-beam

Pres 1 Sparkman_Pervious Concrete Installation and Maintenance
Pres 2 Roberts_Extending Your Investment w Concrete Pavement Restoration 2017
Pres 3 Munsick_Innovations in Roller Compacted Pavement_Compacted Concrete Pavement
Pres 4 Smith_Composite Pavements_VA PCC
Pres 5 Virginia Concrete Conference Cecil Jones
Pres 6 Morrison_ NCDOT Unbonded Concrete Overlays on I-85 in North Carolina

General Session
Pres 1 Competition Paves_Leif Wathne
Pres 2 The New and Improved FHWA Mobile Concrete Trailer_ Gudimettla
Pres 3 Gaspar VA ACI 2016 AWARD Presentation
Pres 4 Catlett Accelerated Precast Construction ACPA MAR 2017
Pres 5 Betts 2017 VCC Nanotechnology of Concrete (1)
Pres 6-1 Durable Concrete Lundy Introduction
Pres 6-2 Durable Concrete Tom Adams
Pres 6-3 Durable Concrete A. J. Marisca
Pres 6-4 Durable Concrete Prenger
Pres 6-5 Durable Concrete Lundy Conclusion

2016 Virginia Concrete Conference 

2017 VAA Fall Conference

2017 VAA Fall Conference Brochure and Agenda
Day 1
Targeting Quality Through Partnership, Harold Mullen
2016 VDOT Asphalt Paving Awards, Michael C. Dudley
Virginia's Best 2016, Andy Babish
MAP 21: Rule Making and Asset Condition, Luis Rodriguez
Using Partnership to Improve Delivery of Programs in VDOT, Quinton D. Elliott
2017 VAA Fall Conference, Andy Babish
Virginia Education Center for Asphalt Technology, Carter Iseman
NCAT Pavement Test Track, Raymond "Buzz" Powell
Day 2
Balanced Mixed Design - Is this the Future?, Shane Buchanan
What's AASHTOWare Pavement ME - VDOT's New Pavement Design Software?, Affan Habib
Local Programs, Julie Brown
Reflective Cracking Studies at Virginia's Accelerated Loading Facility, Benjamin Bowers
Innovation at VDOT, Rob Cary
Battling Segregation Using Pave IR System, Harold Mullen
Virginia's Pavement and Materials Research Program, Cathy McGhee
LAP - Materials Acceptance, Andy Babish
PaveXpress - Simplified Pavement Design Tool, Trenton, M. Clark
Reducing Reflective Cracking - NCAT Pavement Test Track and Lee Road 159, Raymond "Buzz" Powell
Ride & Density Incentives for 2017, Rob Crandol
Performance Testing, Randy West
Work Zone Safety Technology, Lee Cole
Specifications Changes in the 2018 Schedule Contracts, Don Silies
2018 Asphalt Specification Updates, Rob Crandol
2017 VAA Laboratory Round Robin, Michael C. Dudley
VDOT Paving Program, Garrett Moore
Local Assistance Program, Parker Mills
Electronic Collection of Field Data, George White
Effective Strategies to Address Reflective Cracking - Virginia Case Studies, Trenton M. Clark
Porous Asphalt Pavements - Not Just for Parking Lots Anymore, Charles W. Schwartz

Concrete Program Documents, Meetings and Presentations

Regional Asphalt Meeting Documents

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