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2014 Virginia Concrete Conference


Construction of the Route 460 Connector Phase 1
Aesthetic Treatment of Bridges
Flexible Post-Tensioned Duct Filler Materials as Alternative to Cement Grout

I-15 Core Project Case Study
DFW Connector Pavement Design and Construction - Challenges and Solutions

General Session
Pavement Type Selection – Updated Guidance on Use of Alternate Bidding
VDOT’s Use of Architectural Concrete
Presentation on Hydrodemolition of Concrete and Bridge Structures
Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Pavement Vehicle Interactions – Does it Matter for Virginia?

2014 VAA Fall Conference

Lessons Learned: VDOT’s In-Place Pavement Recycling Research; Brian Diefenderfer, Ph.D., P.E.
FHWA - 2014 Fall Asphalt Conference; Irene Rico, FHWA
Rehabilitation of the Blue Ridge Parkway with FDR and AC Overlay; Michael Walters, FHWA - EFLHD
2013 VDOT Asphalt Paving Awards
Virginia's Best 2013 - Recognition of Virginia's Top Non-VDOT Asphalt Paving Projects
Pavement Recycling; David Kaulfers, P.E., PMP
RIDE (Ride Incentive Disincentive Evaluation) Fall Asphalt Conference; David Kaulfers, P.E., PMP
Industry Research & Innovation Projects; Audrey Copeland
Overview of Asphalt Research Program; Michael M. Sprinkel P.E.
Using PMS Data to Review Surface Mix Performance; Kevin McGhee, P.E.
Research Update: High RAP; Stacey Diefenderfer, Ph.D., P.E.
NCAT Pavement Test Track; NCAT
Bonding of Asphalt Pavement Layers; NCAT
Tack & Bond Strength; Rob Crandol, P.E.
Work Zone Safety;
Review of Virginia’s 2013 Work Zone Crash Statistics; David Rush
Construction Division Update; Alan E. Saunders, P.E., CCM
Materials Division Update; Andy Babish, P.E.
Materials Specifications & Virginia Test Methods (VTM’s) 2014 Fall Conference; Rob Crandol, P.E.
VDOT Safety Reminders and Traffic Engineering Changes; Vanloan Nguyen, P.E.

2013 VAA Fall Conference

2012 NCAT Pavement Test Track; R. Buzz Powell, NCAT
2013 Fall Asphalt Conference - Commissioner's Comments; Greg Whirley, VDOT
Applied Research Activities; Kevin McGhee, VCTIR
Construction - Section 100 and R&B Specifications; Mark Cacamis, VDOT
High Performance Asphalt Intersections - Fact or Fiction; Trenton M. Clark, VAA
High RAP Research Studies; Stacey Diefenderfer, VCTIR
Materials Division Overview; Andy Babish, VDOT
Materials Specifications & Virginia Test Methods (VTM's); Robert Crandol, VDOT
Maximizing the Service Life of Dense Graded Asphalt Mixes; David Lee, VDOT
Moving Ahead for Progess in the 21st Century - MAP-21; Irene Rico, FHWA
National Updates & Discussion - MAP-21; Andy Mergenmeier, FHWA
Porous Pavement - SR 234 Park and Ride Lot; David Shiells, VDOT; David Branscome, Branscome Paving Company; Michael Fitch, VCTIR
Thinlay - More Than Just Preventive Maintenance; Brian Dolan, MAA
Update on VDOT's Asphalt Research Activities; Jose Gomez, VDOT
VDOT Specifications Update Traffic Engineering & Work Zone; VanLoan Nguyen, VDOT
Virginia's Best 2012 - Recognition of Virginia's Top Non-VDOT Asphalt Paving Projects; Richard Schreck 

2015 Asphalt Regional Seminars

2015 Final Agenda
Presentation 1 (Sharkady - Blacksburg), 2015 Regional Seminar - Workzone Safety
Presentation 1 (Totten), 2015 Regional Seminar - Workzone Safety
Presentation 2 (Habib), 2015 Regional Seminar - Sustainability (Recycling)
Presentation 3 (Lee Mcghee), 2015 Regional Seminar - Superpave Mix Design Research
Presentation 4 (Murphy and Eckler), 2015 Regional Seminar - Thinlay for Preventive Maintenance
Presentation 5 (Crandol), 2015 Regional Seminar - specs and special provisions
Presentation 6 (Clark and Crandol), QA-QC presentation for Regional Seminars, Clark and Crandol
Presentation 7a (Lee McGhee), 2015 Regional Seminar - Pavement Layer Tacking and Bonding
Presentation 7b (Branscome, Jr.), 2015 Regional Seminar - Problems Contractors face with placing Tack
Presentation 7c (Cifers), 2015 Regional Seminar - Storage and Handling of Asphalt Emulsion
Presentation 8a (Shiells), 2015 Regional Seminar - Uniform Paving Platform
Presentation 8b (Moore), 2015 Regional Seminar - Uniform Paving Platform

2014 Asphalt Regional Seminars

Pres. 1 - Asphalt Quality Task Force - David Shiells
Pres. 2 - VCTIR Update - Kevin McGhee
Pres. 3 - Asphalt Mixes - David Lee
Pres. 4 - 2014 Specs VTM - Rob Crandol
Pres. 5 - Pavement Markings Issues - Nguyen Campbell
Pres. 6 - MITS and PLAID - Dave Kaulfers
Pres. 7 - Pavement_Wedge - Emmett Heltzel
Pres. 8a - Longitudinal Joint Density - Todd Rorrer
Pres. 8b - Construction of Longitudinal Joints - Ken Arthur
Pres. 9a - Paving Inspection Reminders - Trenton Clark
Pres. 9b - VDOT QA Program - Rob Crandol
Pres. 10 - Achieving Smooth Pavement - Dave Helmick

Regional Asphalt Meeting Documents


Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions
Session 1: Agenda
Session 2: Bonded Weigh and MCS
Session 3: AC Program Changes
Session 4: AC Spec Changes Lab
Session 5: WMA and High Rap
Session 6: AC Spec Changes Field
Session 7: Paving Inspector Reminders

Other Downloads

The Bonded Weigh Program: Weighperson Training Manual (.pdf 3mb)
Comparative Study of VTM and AASHTO Test Method for CBR
HPMS IRI Data 2003-2004 (.zip 980kb)
Virginia Flexible Pavement Design (.zip 106kb)
Weekly Tare Sheet (.zip 36kb)
Concrete Conference Presentations (link)
Staunton District Geotechnical Design parameters (.pdf 206kb)

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