VDOT Materials Certification Schools

Important Changes to Note for Materials Certification Schools in 2018

Beginning in 2018, there will no longer be a recertification program. All individuals will be required to take the full course (either an instructor led class or an online/self-study class) every five years. If an individual’s certification expires in 2018 they will need to complete the course in 2018 to avoid a lapse in certification.

Also beginning in 2018, the Aggregate Properties Certification will be discontinued. All facets of this certification will be incorporated into the Asphalt Plant Mix Design Class. Current holders of the Aggregate Properties Certification will therefore need to take the Asphalt Plant Mix Design Class to maintain the certification upon expiration of their current Aggregate Properties Certification.

In addition to these changes the Pavement Marking Certification will no longer be offered as an instructor led course. It is now an online class available through the Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA).

The MCS courses are currently being delivered through a partnership between VDOT, the Virginia Education Center for Asphalt Technology (VECAT) with Germanna Community College (GCC) and the Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA).

VECAT, through Germanna Community College (GCC), is hosting the following courses, which are now available either online or in a traditional (instructor-led) format:

Asphalt Field Level 1 and  Level 2

Asphalt Plant Level 1 and  Level 2

Asphalt Plant Mix Design/ Aggregate Properties

Slurry Surfacing

Surface Treatment  

For more information on courses and registration click here  or contact Ben Sherman at 540-937-2901. For information on the VECAT program, contact Carter Iseman at 804-288-3169.

The CCWA is hosting the following courses, which are available in a traditional (instructor-led) format or as a self-study option, allowing the students to challenge the Materials Certification exams:

Soils and Aggregates compaction

Concrete Field

Concrete Plant

Central Mix Aggregate Plant

Pavement Marking

For more information on CCWA courses and registration click here or contact CCWA at 804-523-2292.

Students are required to register for classes on the GCC and/or CCWA web sites.  ALL students must have a valid account on VDOT University. Access to test grades will be first done on GCC and CCWA and certification credentials will ONLY be available through VDOT University Virtual Campus, so ALL students must have a valid account on VDOT University.  Grades and certifications are issued within 15-30 business days after the testing date.

For questions or concerns regarding MCS grades or certification status, contact Farrah Pinckney-Semere at 804-328-3158 or  MaterialsCertification@vdot.virginia.gov.  

If you are currently participating in VDOT's Materials Certification Schools, you can access the course schedules, enroll online, and access your Materials Certification Card all via the VDOT University Virtual Campus:


Logo for VDOT University Virtual Campus

VDOT University Virtual Campus Users connect at: https://VirtualCampus.VDOT.Virginia.gov 

Click here to access guidelines for the VDOT Materials Certification Schools Program (Section 114, Manual of Instructions) (PDF, 72 KB)


Materials Certification Schools Proficiency Checklists

Asphalt Checklists:

Asphalt Plant, Level I Technician Proficiency Checklist

Asphalt Plant, Level II Technician Proficiency Checklist

Asphalt Mix Design Proficiency Checklist

Central Mix Aggregate (CMA) Checklist:

Central Mix Aggregate Proficiency Checklists

Concrete Plant Checklist:

Concrete Plant Proficiency Checklists

Soils Checklists:

Soils Proficiency Checklist



All re-certifications are free of charge and require the completion of the online registration. Some also require that the proficiency be demonstrated at a VDOT approved locations. That list has been provided below:  

  • Asphalt Plant Level 1 - Physical demonstration of proficiency
  • Asphalt Plant Level 2 - Physical demonstration of proficiency
  • Asphalt Plant Mix Design - Physical demonstration of proficiency
  • Central Mix Aggregate Plant - Physical demonstration of proficiency
  • Concrete Field - Current ACI must be submitted
  • Concrete Plant - Closed Book written proficiency exam
  • Soils and Aggregate Compaction - Physical demonstration of proficiency

To learn about CHANGES before 2017, please review the following:


If you need more in-depth questions contact the Materials Certification Schools team: 

By EMAIL:  MaterialsCertification@vdot.virginia.gov  

or by PHONE:

Farrah Pinckney-Semere (804) 328-3158 

Scott Manning (804) 229-5118


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