Road Safety Assessments (RSA)

Several procedural guidelines and tools have been developed to aid highway safety practitioners in Virginia through the Roadway Safety Assessment (RSA) review and countermeasure development process. Further, the implementation of safety improvements using VDOT’s HSIP funds is presented.

VDOT’s Road Safety Assessment Resources:

  1. VDOT RSA Guidelines PDF (PDF, 69 KB)
    The RSA guidelines present the method to use nine steps from location identification, to detailed crash analysis and field review and finally implementation of prioritized safety countermeasures using HSIP and other sources.

  2. VDOT Crash Analysis Procedures for RSA PDF (PDF, 329 KB)
    Complete and practical review of a site for safety countermeasure development requires detailed crash analysis to determine the substantive safety from the user’s perspective. The analysis procedures for overall crash trends to location and movement specific trends are presented.

  3. Field Review Assessment Tool (FRAT) Excel (Excel, 676 KB)
    To add in the RSA field review and countermeasure development, members of the RSA team should have a checklist and data recorder to ensure consistency and completeness. The Field Review Assessment Tool provides a depository for data and information collected before and during the field review and the checklist for site attributes and conditions to review and guide the proposal of safety countermeasures.

  4. VDOT RSA Report Annotated Outline PDF (PDF, 19 KB)
    A summary report of the RSA process, analysis, and proposed safety improvements should document the purpose and need to implement countermeasures. Using the RSA report outline will provide the needed information to support an application for HSIP funding and requests for funds from other sources.

  5. VDOT RSA Implementation Presentation PDF (PDF, 4 MB)
    An overview of the nine step RSA process through to the application for HSIP funding is provided in presentation format.

Page last modified: Oct. 30, 2019