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Message from the Chief Appraiser

Welcome to VDOT's Right of Way and Utilities Appraiser Internet site. This site was developed for the purpose of enhancing communication with the VDOT appraiser community. Direct links are provided to multiple resources (see below) to help answer questions and/or complete market research. Please note links below to information on our expanded fee panel which now includes residential appraisers!

The site will continually be enhanced to provide increased functionality (i.e. online appraiser training, etc.) as time and resources allow. Your ideas and comments are critical to keeping the site a productive and updated tool.

If you have a specific appraisal question or comment, please feel free to contact me directly at Paul Zembruski. I am happy to address questions but I am not able to steer the appraisal process.  VDOT strives to obtain an unbiased, professional and competent opinion of market value that serves to benefit all parties with providing just compensation.  Thank you for your interest.

Paul Zembruski
Chief Appraiser
Virginia Department of Transportation

Appraiser Fee Panel: 

What is the Appraiser Fee Panel?  

VDOT has staff appraisers that may complete appraisals for right of way work. Depending upon the nature and scope of a project, appraisals may be contracted to outside parties for completion.  Appraisers who complete appraisals for VDOT and who are not employees of VDOT are members of an “Appraiser Fee Panel”. Admission to the panel is required prior to submitting proposals to complete appraisal work on VDOT’s behalf. In order to become a member of the fee panel, please refer to “Appraiser Requirements and Application Process”.

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