Right of Way and Utilities Division

Right of Way and Utilities Management System (RUMS)

The Right of Way and Utilities Division of the Virginia Department of Transportation is responsible for the appraisal and acquisition of property rights necessary for the construction and improvement of state roads. In conjunction with these duties the Division also coordinates the adjustment (i.e., movement) of utilities and the relocations of businesses and families displaced by highway projects.  In addition, the Division tracks the management and disposition of residue parcels and surplus right of way.  During the course of performing these duties, the Division gathers a great deal of important information.  The Division desired a software system that would help better manage this information - specifically one that would:

  • Provide management with at a glance status of a highway project
  • Allow management to focus on key highway project dates and shift resources to ensure the completion of right of way and utility activities prior to those dates
  • Help Right of Way and Utilities agents generate, customize, store and retrieve appraisal forms, letters of correspondence and other documentation
  • Have an intuitive user interface simple enough for a new user to easily learn and powerful enough for the advanced user to quickly navigate to specific information on interest.
  • Automate the assignment and reassignment of work to division agents
  • Interface with Department of Transportation’s mission critical integrated Project Management system


Implemented in early September of 1999, the client-server Right of Way and Utilities Management System RUMS solution has not only met, but exceeded the Division's desires.  RUMS provides management with up to the minute highway project statuses through ad hoc queries as well as reports served over a secure Intranet.  In addition, management can easily batch assign and reassign work to the appropriate field agents. The Division agents have found their workload reduced as data entered into RUMS is now able to feed to a myriad of letters and other documents - letters and documents which RUMS stores in a centralized Oracle database.


Emilie Simpson, RUMS Support Coordinator
E-mail: Emilie.Simpson@VDOT.Virginia.gov

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