Traffic Data

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) conducts a program where traffic data are gathered from sensors in or along streets and highways and other sources. From these data, estimates of the average number of vehicles that traveled each segment of road and daily vehicle miles traveled for specific groups of facilities and vehicle types are calculated. All of the traffic data publications that VDOT currently produces are available to the public on this web site. 

The most recent officially released editions are for calendar year 2014. Preliminary draft editions for the 2015 calendar year are available below. These preliminary documents are based on potentially incomplete information and are not intended for official use.

VDOT summary traffic data is also available as a GIS shape file.

Note: This requires the use of specialized GIS software capable of utilizing common shapefile formats.


Official AADT and VMT Publications

Historical Traffic Data Publications



Page last modified: May 18, 2016