Frequently Asked Questions

What Will I Be Doing While Working for VDOT?

Depending on your interests and summer housing location, you will be assigned to an area of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) that will help you achieve the most rewarding educational experience.

Some of your work experience may be to:

  • Assist in design and inspection of new roadway and bridge projects
  • Plan for transportation needs of the future by conducting traffic forecasts
  • Sample and evaluate roadway and bridge materials
  • Determine requirements for citizen safety and perform traffic impact analysis
  • Use the latest engineering technology
  • Work in a high-performance, values-based team environment to accomplish meaningful work and Keep Virginia Moving!

Where Will I Work During the Summer?

VDOT understands you may need to live at home or at school during the summer. We will work with you to find an office that is within a reasonable distance from you.

What If I Pursue a Master’s Degree Right After College?

For each semester you receive the scholarship, you agree to work for VDOT in a full-time classified position for six months.

When you finish with your undergraduate degree, you can defer your obligation to VDOT while you attend graduate school full-time.

After you receive your master's, you will fill your obligation.

What If My Grade Point Average Falls Below 2.5? 

If your cumulative grade point falls below 2.5, you will be put on probation for one semester.

During this time, your academic advisor will be notified and you will be advised to seek out tutoring or other study aids.

While on probation, you will not receive the scholarship.

If your cumulative GPA does not increase, you will be removed from the Engineer Scholarship Program.

Do I Reapply Each Year?

No. After being selected for the Engineer Scholarship Program, you must continue to meet the requirements for the program (GPA, enrollment, major, etc.) to remain in the program. You may receive the scholarship for a maximum of three years.

Where Will I Work After Graduation?

After graduation, you may be interviewed for placement as an associate engineer in the Core Development Program.

This full-time classified position is designed to prepare you for progressively responsible roles within the agency.

Your work assignment with VDOT will be determined based on the needs of the agency.

The Core Development Program manager will work with you to find a match between these needs and your skills and interests.

See our Web page on the Core Development Program for more information.

What Are the Requirements?

You are eligible to apply if you:

  • Are a rising junior or senior in an undergraduate ABET-accredited civil engineering program

  • Maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.5 on a four-point scale

  • Maintain Virginia residency or attend a Virginia college or university

We look for students who demonstrate good interpersonal skills and a positive attitude. Leadership skills are a plus.

How Do I Apply?

See our application process.


Page last modified: Dec. 18, 2012