What Current VDOT Scholars Say

Summer work for engineering scholars is exciting and varied. 

Scholars are partnered with professional engineers as their mentors and are assigned real-world work. 

They participate in unique developmental activities.

The 2016 engineering scholars were placed throughout the state and held a variety of roles involving:

  • Planning
  • Location and Design
  • Residency issues
  • Construction

This is what they say about their 2016 summer assignments:    

DW3A7397DACaLaura Asbury, a senior, majoring in civil engineering at Virginia Tech, with a summer assignment in the Wytheville Residency Office.

 “The amount of information I learned about while working with VDOT was a little overwhelming at first, but the experience was extremely rewarding and well worth the challenge. I worked in the Wytheville Residency Office, where I got to learn about the two main divisions of the residency office, maintenance and construction.

I got to accompany several different VDOT employees who worked in both maintenance and construction to evaluate work orders, permit applications and disputes, maintenance issues, construction site issues, and the construction sites themselves. I also learned about various functions and operations within the residency office itself such as future VDOT projects and budgeting.

I very much enjoyed the site visits with my coworkers as they would explain to me the different issues that needed to be fixed and how the general and normal operations and functions of a work site operated.

My coworkers worked hard to make sure I could experience as much of VDOT as possible during the summer. I had guidance and help throughout the entire summer. There are so many career paths and options within VDOT as well as opportunities to grow and learn as a professional in your career path.

This was not my first work experience working in a field related to my future career but this experience and opportunity solidified my interest in construction management engineering. I learned so much over the summer and I am now able to say with absolute confidence, that this is the career path I would like to take.

 I enjoyed getting to meet all of my coworkers and I am grateful for how kind everyone was to me. I am happy to be a part of an agency that serves the public in such an important and meaningful way.”

DW3A7520DACaJames Melton, a senior, majoring in civil engineering at Old Dominion University, with a summer assignment at Central Office

“This was my first summer interning at VDOT.

Going into the internship I did not know what to expect, but after this summer I am more than happy with the Scholarship program!”

“Working in the Location and Design – Hydraulics division was rewarding in a multitude of ways. I gained hands on experience with MicroStation (design software). Shortly after I began working with VDOT, Bentley, the developers of MicroStation, sent the hydraulics department 800+ templates for review and I was a part of the review team. It was exciting to be a part of the review process and to know that what I was reviewing would be used in legitimate plans and designs.”

“I visited a Bridge in Brunswick to analyze the scour in order to determine whether or not the bridge could be shortened. While we were there we spoke to local residents who expressed their concerns with the bridge. It was rewarding to see that what we were doing would directly benefit someone else. ”

“I went to four utility and hydraulics meetings throughout the state. I made some great contacts and it was great to be able to sit down and interact with people who have been in the field for years. The meetings consisted of various state agencies as well as private contractors.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my summer at VDOT. My colleagues welcomed me immediately and offered helped whenever I had a question. I am excited to say that I am a part of the VDOT family and I look forward to coming back next summer.”

DW3A7284DACaRay Wright II, a senior civil engineering major at Howard University, with a summer assignment at the Halifax Residency in the Lynchburg District.

“Working for VDOT this summer enabled me to gain valuable knowledge, not only for the workforce, but in life as well. Working at the residency level within VDOT allowed me to work closely with the citizens that we serve on a daily basis.

I worked in three divisions over the summer: maintenance, construction, and planning. I assisted in activities ranging from assisting in the inspection of a construction project right behind the district office building, to preparing parcel maps for VDOT engineers to assist in designing projects.

I was given a lot of freedom and responsibility, which was a big plus for me, as I was always kept busy with the myriad of tasks I was assigned to. I was also able to sit in on important meetings, from staff meetings to meetings with local government officials. This allowed me to understand what all goes into making things happen at VDOT.

The best part about my experience was the people that I met and interacted with on a daily basis. VDOT is full of great people that are more than willing to answer a question or help you out with something. The career and life advice that I received this summer is invaluable, and I will definitely cherish my time working at the Halifax Residency.”  

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Note:  VDOT also offers an internship program for business and engineering students.  If you meet program requirements and want to be considered for both programs, you must apply to all programs.

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