Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where will I work during the summer?

A. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) understands you may need to live at home or at school during the summer. The program manager will work with you to find a location within 30-45 minutes from your home.

Q. Can I pursue a master's degree right after finishing my undergraduate program?

A. When you graduate with your undergraduate degree, you can continue to work at VDOT while you attend graduate school full time (9 hours minimum each semester) as long as you continue to meet the requirements of the program.

Q. What will I be doing?

A. During the summer, you will receive the most rewarding practical and educational experiences. Interns gain valuable knowledge and skills in various positions (road/bridge inspection, materials testing, traffic studies, transportation planning, training, contract administration, fiscal and other business responsibilities) that you will be able to utilize in the future.

Q. Do I have to reapply each year to be an intern?

A. No, you are eligible to remain in the internship for up to three years. Once you are in the program, you must continue to meet the eligibility requirements (e.g. GPA, semester hours, major, etc.).

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Note:  If you are majoring in civil engineering, VDOT offers a Civil Engineering Scholarship Program.You may also apply if you meet program requirements: Civil Engineering Scholarship Program.

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