Thanksgiving Holiday Congestion Trends

About This Data

Notice: This data is for the 2011 version of the map. The 2012 version is here.

Information provided in the maps linked below is not a prediction of future congestion levels but a generalized listing of the historical occurrence of congestion for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. 

The analysis uses data from INRIX and from VDOT count stations to determine congestion levels on interstate routes where such data is available. 

Due to factors that influence congestion --  such as weather, crashes and changes in travel patterns and behaviors --  travelers may experience different levels of congestion than indicated or at other locations and times. 

For current information on incidents dial 511 from any phone in Virginia. Outside Virginia, call 800-578-4111.

Current information can also be found at at

Key to the maps: Green – No traffic congestion. Yellow – Moderate congestion. Red – Heavy congestion.








Page last modified: Nov. 21, 2012