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Procurement Status

By mutual agreement between VDOT and the offeror teams, the procurement process for the Route 460 Corridor Improvement Project is on hold until April 2010. At that time, VDOT and the offeror teams will re-evaluate the financial feasibility of the project.

The project is currently in Phase Four, Submission and Selection of Detailed Proposals, of the PPTA procurement process. During this phase, VDOT has provided the three offeror teams vying to develop the project with the Request for Detailed Proposals (RFDP) which specifies the instructions for submittal and technical requirements that must be addressed by the Offerors in their detailed proposals. The RFDP was delivered by VDOT December 31, 2008. (See phase four in box.) The offeror teams are scheduled to submit detailed proposals to VDOT in August 2009. VDOT will then evaluate the proposals with the desired result being the identification of the successful offeror whose proposal best addressed the requirements of the project. VDOT would then seek to sign a comprehensive agreement with this offeror to develop the project.

Solicitation for Proposals

The Virginia Department of Transportation issued a Solicitation for Proposals (SFP) on Feb. 15, 2006, for the development and/or operation of the new U.S. Route 460. View the SFP. (PDF, 1.6 MB) 

Below are responses to the questions and requests for clarification which were submitted to VDOT, and addendums to the SFP.

PDF Files:



Submission of Conceptual Proposals

The Virginia Department of Transportation received three conceptual proposals on September 29, 2006. The three proposals are provided below.

Two of the three proposers have requested under the Freedom of Information Act that certain confidential materials be excluded from public disclosure pursuant to the Code of Virginia 2.2-3705.6 (11)(iii). The general title references to the requested confidential material are provided below with each proposal.


PDF Files:


Virginia Corridor Partners (VCP) proposal

Virginia Corridor Partners (VCP) has requested the following sections be exempt from public disclosure:


Tab 3, Financing - Under Section 3.8, the section titled Overview of Toll Forecasting Approach and Revenues

Tab 3, Financing - Under Section 3.8, the section titled Variance from Toll Feasibility Study


Itinere proposal


Itinere has not requested any of its proposal material be exempt from public disclosure.


Cintra USA proposal

Cintra 460 has requested certain sections be exempt in whole or in part from public disclosure.  They are:

Tab 3, Financing, Section 3.2.1, Financial Development Plan, portions of this section have been exempted from public disclosure

Tab 3, Financing, Under Section 3.3, Main Assumptions, has been exempted with the exception of Section A, Subordinated TIFIA Funding 

Tab 3, Financing, Section 3.5.5, Preliminary calculation of the costs, has been exempted

Tab 3, Financing, Section 3.8 Toll Systems, has been exempted