Bicycling and Walking in Virginia

Fall Biking in the Mountains

State Bicycle Policy Plan Updated October 2011

Bicycling in Virginia: Learn about various opportunities for bicycling in Virginia.

Safe Routes to School: The Safe Routes to School program was created to assist interested localities, schools and non-profit groups to make bicycling and walking to school both safer and more appealing to children.

Laws and Safety Tips: Familiarize yourself with the bicycle laws in Virginia, as well as tips for making your biking experience safe and enjoyable.

Trails: Check out the many off-road opportunities in Virginia, from paved trails to Rails-to-Trails paths.

Maps: Highway and county maps are available to help with planning your bicycle travels in Virginia.


The State Bicycle and Pedestrian Program promotes bicycling and walking throughout Virginia. Learn more about the program and teams and bicycle and pedestrian projects conducted by VDOT, as well as find the Policy for Integrating Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodations.

The Virginia Bicycle Facility Resource Guide is available in PDF format. This guide offers planning, design, education, encouragement and funding ideas for bicycle facilities.

The VDOT Designated Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodations list will be used by VDOT project managers to determine accommodations possible on road projects.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodations Decision Process provides designers a process to determine if bicycle / pedestrian accommodations are appropriate for the characteristic of a particular roadway.

Bicycle facility design guidelines can be found in VDOT's Road Design Manual, Volume 1 Appendix A, Section A-5.  Information on sidewalks and curb ramps are available in IIM-LD-55

A number of implementation guidance documents for localities have been compiled to improve communication between agencies and for better planning and accommodation of pedestrians and cyclists under terms of the 2004 policy. Refer to them for details.

Page last modified: June 26, 2014