In addition to the official Bicycling in Virginia map, VDOT publishes and distributes a number of other maps that can help you plan cycling trips in Virginia. The official state transportation map and scenic roads map , both free to the public, provide locations of cycling facilities, attractions and points of interest across the state. VDOT's county maps show all secondary routes, to help you travel and explore away from main highways. More information about VDOT's map products is available here.

The following sets of maps show Annual Average Daily Traffic volumes for the roadways in each VDOT construction district.  The data used to create these maps came from VDOT’s Statewide Planning System. Click on a district below to view a PDF version of the map.


Annual Average Daily Traffic Volume Maps


For the best hardcopy maps of US Bicycle Routes 1 and 76 in Virginia, please contact Adventure Cycling Association. For an online interactive Google Map of US Bicycle Routes 1 and 76 in Virginia click here

For maps of individual trails and parks, please consult our directory.

Page last modified: July 26, 2013