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What is Crossing Guard Appreciation Day?

Crossing Guard Appreciation Day (CGAD) is a statewide event devoted to saying thank you to those who help students cross the street safely on their way to and from school.

When is Crossing Guard Appreciation Day?

While the Virginia SRTS Program has designated the second Wednesday of February as Crossing Guard Appreciation Day, we encourage schools and communities to plan their own Crossing Guard Appreciation Day on any day that works for them to recognize the valuable role crossing guards play in making safe routes to school a reality.

Do you like to plan ahead? Put these dates on your calendar now for the coming years:

  • Crossing Guard Appreciation Day 2020 - February 12
  • Crossing Guard Appreciation Day 2021 - February 10

How can my school participate in Crossing Guard Appreciation Day?

Whether simple or elaborate, Crossing Guard Appreciation Day events are a great way to acknowledge the value your crossing guard brings to safe travel to school. Your school may choose to say thank you in person, promote the work of your crossing guard in local media, and nominate your crossing guard for Virginia’s Most Outstanding Crossing Guard Award. More event ideas are available in the Crossing Guard Appreciation Day Learn It. Do It. Live It. which is available for download along with thank you cards, flyers and stickers at the bottom of this page.


All schools that nominate their crossing guard for the Virginia’s Most Outstanding Crossing Guard will receive a Crossing Guard Appreciation Day decal that can be added to Virginia Safe Routes to School Banner. For more information about banners and decals, please see the Student Travel Tally webpage.


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Other Resources

Most Outstanding Crossing Guards of 2018

Clarence Daniels, Newsome Park Elementary (Newport News)

Like the old post office motto, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds," Mr. Daniels has been a very devoted crossing guard for fifteen years. He is at his post bright and early, ready to greet students and parents as they arrive to school in the morning. He is ever vigilant, watching for careless motorists, miscreants and unsafe situations that surround the school. Even when he has called out for the day, he could still be found at his morning post to make sure the students were safe. "I'll be sick after the morning late bell," he has been noted to say. His dedication is not limited to traditional school hours/days. There was an incident in the adjacent community on a Saturday when the students were returning from a field trip. Not officially on duty, Mr. Daniels kept in contact with the bus drivers to make sure they didn't get caught in an active shooting situation upon their return. He met the buses and made sure everyone was picked up safely. This is but one of many reasons Mr. Daniels should be Most Outstanding Crossing Guard.

 Clarence Daniels

Holly Gorman, Gordon Elementary (North Chesterfield)

Holly Gorman has been a school crossing guard for approximately two years at Gordon Elementary School. This year she has gone above and beyond to keep motorists and pedestrians safe. In the beginning of the year the traffic pattern at Gordon created a constant back up in the morning that blocked her crossing. She took it upon herself to meet with a school resource officer, the principal and her supervisor to come up with solutions. She quickly got the traffic pattern changed with painted arrows, cones and signage. She has approximately any where from 50 to 75 pedestrians and knows them all by name. When the supervisor covers for her the walkers are quick to say, " Where is Officer Gorman? She knows how to keep us safe." What a great bond and roll model to have for the pedestrians, students, and staff of Gordon Elementary School!

 Holly Gorman

Grace Maynard, Richard Bowling Elementary (Norfolk)

Grace Maynard is very vigilant when it comes to the protection of our scholars at Richard Bowling Elementary School. She aides in the protection of any child being bullied. She also makes sure no child stands alone on the corner waiting for their ride. G. Maynard has being seen giving money to any child who has lost their lunch money on the way to school. Tying shoes is one of her specialties; no scholar crosses the street unless their shoes are tied. G. Maynard's smile lets scholars know that she loves them and wants them to be safe. Every scholar that crosses the street when G. Maynard is on duty is greeted with a "Good Morning" and "Have a nice day." Scholars ask about her when she takes a day off. Our parents have also come to trust her with their children. Many parents will wave, blow their horn, or just stop to say hi.

She has dedicated ten years to the Coast Guard Auxiliary for Homeland Security, and is a proud sponsor of Junior Jaime Muchave, a two year old boy from Mozembique. G. Maynard is a great asset to the school and our community and we hope she stays for many more years to come.

 Grace Maynard

Joe McDonald, Coates Elementary (Herndon)

Joe McDonald has a big heart, and we see it every day at Coates Elementary! Joe does not only come to Coates ES to flawlessly perform his job duties, he is part of our community. Joe builds relationships with our parents, teachers, administrators, and students. We all have confidence Joe is taking care of our students every day. Joe is also part of our schools' mentoring program. Each week, on his time off, he comes during a student lunchtime and spends time with them. If one of his walking students is absent for several days, he comes to the front office to check on their well-being. Joe also helped our school create and implement a safer kiss and ride procedure to insure the safety of our walking students.

Here's a quick story: One of our autistic walker students was leaving mid-year to go to another school. Joe interacted with him and his mom everyday giving them high fives, hugs, and talking to this student. On the student's last day, Joe had a balloon and a gift for him! The mom was overwhelmed with gratitude, and surprised that Joe remembered her son's last day in such a caring way. This is the Joe McDonald we see every day at Coates.

 Joe McDonald

Kathy Patterson, Jamestown Elementary (Arlington)

Our family lives directly across the street from Jamestown Elementary School, with full vantage to see the safety violations, close calls, and less than friendly attitudes from some drivers. Luckily, we also see everyday, twice a day, our champion, Kathy Patterson, the crossing guard who is ready and willing to take on these challenges to keep our children safe. Kathy not only fulfills the job of allowing our children to cross the street in the cross walk safely, but she does so much more. She arrives early to her post every day, places safety cones in locations to assist drivers in knowing where they cannot park and where they cannot stop. She uses her whistle for all good purposes - preventing delivery drivers from blocking the bus paths, drivers from blocking driveways of residences, drivers who attempt to make U-turns in the middle of the street, drivers who watch their kids walk down the sidewalk instead of watching in front of them on the road, and I could go on!

Despite the demands of this difficult and pressure-filled job, Kathy is friendly and warm to all she helps. She wishes kids happy birthday, and gets to know the regular walkers. She's engaging with our children and parents, and seeks to be a positive influence in every respect. Her stern voice is saved for when it is truly needed - to prevent safety violations and crashes. And, she continues in this role for years even as she is berated by those safety violators who do not like to be "called out."

 Kathy Patterson

Robert "Bob" Roberts, Shelburne Middle (Staunton)

This nomination is being submitted posthumously. Our nominee, Mr. Bob Roberts, passed away on January 18, 2019. Bob worked right up until he was just too sick to continue. It was obvious to everyone that he loved his job; he always had a smile on his face (regardless of the weather) and received many compliments over the years from students, parents, and school staff. He was a beloved fixture on Grubert Avenue near Shelburne Middle School and was an absolute joy to work with. Bob's dedication to his job was apparent to everyone. Even though he was very sick Bob reported to work early every day with a big smile and great attitude. Bob will be greatly missed by all that worked with him.



 Bob Roberts

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