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Crossing Guard Appreciation Day is Feb. 11Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

Nominate your crossing guard for the 2014 Outstanding Crossing Guard Award!  Submit your nomination online before January 19, 2015.  Winners will be announced on February 6, 2015.

Crossing Guard Appreciation Day is a statewide event devoted to saying thank you to those who help students cross the street safely on their way to and from school.

While the Virginia SRTS Program has designated the second Wednesday of February as Crossing Guard Appreciation Day, we encourage schools and communities to plan their own Crossing Guard Appreciation Day on any day that works for them to recognize the valuable role crossing guards play in making safe routes to school a reality.


Downloadable Materials

Use the following downloadable materials to help thank the crossing guards in your community.

Learn more about Crossing Guard Appreciation Day with the VDOT SRTS Learn it, Do it, Live it information flyer.

Promote Crossing Guard Appreciation Day events at your school with these customizable flyers and posters.

Students can make thank you cards  in class to give to the crossing guard on the way home.  This can be part of art class or writing class.

Parents can write thank you cards to deliver in person or send with their children on the way to school.

Principals can write official letters of appreciation  and deliver them during the afternoon dismissal.

Even the Mayor of your city can participate and write an official letter of appreciation .

Finally, anyone can use these blank  or lined  thank you cards to write a personal message thanking your school’s crossing guards for their work and dedication.

Virginia’s Most Outstanding Crossing Guards of 2013

Angie ThigpenAngie Thigpen
Charles Barrett Elementary School, Alexandria

Not only is she the crossing guard during school arrival and dismissal but it’s not unusual to see her volunteering to help out during special events at the school or during lunchtime at the cafeteria. She is relentlessly efficient and focused when it comes to keeping the community safe and I have never seen her without a smile and kind word for the parents and kids. She is amazing.

Angie gives me daily updates on how my daughter was in school.  She was the first person to make me feel like I belonged in the community.  She has a big smile every day that makes you feel special.

Sherry Mull
Stratford Landing Elementary School, Fairfax

Sherry MullMs. Mull is present, energetic, armed with a broad smile as she approaches the daunting task of ensuring the safety of 915 students arriving at Stratford Landing daily via bus, car, and foot.  She has lots of passion for her job and demonstrates it every morning and afternoon as she keeps us all safe. She has purchased reflective gear to wear and hold, making her a bright sight on Riverside Road, so cars are aware of her directions at all times. She regularly communicates with the school administrator and patrol sponsor about issues on Riverside Road as well as offers helpful suggestions for our school that we can share with parents. She even appears at school functions to educate parents and students on the safest procedures for school drop off and pick up.  Ms. Mull is an outstanding Crossing Guard, loved by our community.

Fancelle Liggins
Cumberland High School, Cumberland Middle School and Cumberland Elementary, Cumberland

Fancell LigginsFancelle Liggins has served Cumberland County Public Schools as a crossing guard since 1993. She takes her job seriously, always putting the safety of the students first.  She not only monitors the students, but watches for unsafe drivers, assists other pedestrians, and checks for unsafe street conditions. Her attendance is excellent, and she is outside during all seasons and all weather, ranging from freezing cold in winter to scorching heat in summer. She is pleasant to work with, always has a smile for students, parents, staff, and community members. She can be seen every afternoon, wearing her regulation steel-toed boots and hard hat, standing in the middle of busy Route 60 directing traffic so that the buses and students can walk safely.



Phyllis Krapf
Armstrong Elementary School, Herndon

Phillis KrapfMrs. Krapf is an outstanding crossing guard! Her mantra must be "the kids' safety comes first." She makes cars, school buses and even police cars wait for pedestrians. Our family admires Mrs. Krapf so much!  We look forward to her smiling face every day, and we always know that she is there to help us safely cross the busy Lake Newport Road.  She definitely goes above and beyond when she looks out for us when we are running late for school. We are thankful for her assistance!  And my eight year old loves it when she blows her whistle at the cars!





Jim O’Brien
Johnson-Williams Middle School and Berryville Primary, Berryville

Jim O'BrienMr. O'Brien has been working with Clarke County Schools for 12 years and he is a constant fixture on the corner of Main Street and Lincoln Avenue in all kinds of weather.  He greets each student, parent or community member with a smile and a kind word.  The bus drivers in the division know that traffic will flow well and students will be safe with Mr. O'Brien at his post.  Everyone in the neighborhood looks forward to his friendly wave as they drive past him. Mr. O'Brien is so dedicated that he scheduled his last surgery so as to limit the amount of days that he would be away from his corner.  The days that he did miss, the substitute was constantly asked, "When will Mr. O'Brien be back?"  




Caroline Woolwine
Caroline WoolwineRadford High School, John Dalton Intermediate School and McHarg Elementary School, Radford

Mrs. Woolwine is an incredibly important part of our school community. She has served as a crossing guard for the Radford City Schools for many, many years. She takes her job seriously and is always pleasant and inviting with the students she serves. On a daily basis, you can find her at the intersection of 12th and Robertson Streets, assisting our walkers to our after school program, working with disadvantaged students to the high school, and supporting many athletic events.  She knows the students' names and is familiar with the families, as well.  The students respect her and she genuinely loves each of them. She is extremely dedicated and hardworking and rarely misses work no matter how she feels or the weather conditions. We appreciate her enthusiasm and her kind disposition each morning and afternoon.  She is a tremendously important part of our family.


Virginia’s Most Outstanding Crossing Guard of 2013 – Honorable Mention

Chester Robinson,
Chester RobinsonCrestwood Elementary School, Springfield

Chester Robinson, has been a crossing guard at Crestwood for the past 9 years. Once his duties are completed in the morning at his post, he comes into the school and begins his day.  He is a mentor, tutor, book room organizer, cafeteria host, school crisis team member, buddy reader, manages all keys in the building, volunteer coordinator for high school students during PTA meetings, and PTA member.   Just last week, a parent new to our school stopped by the office to thank him.  We are fortunate to have Chester as part of our school community!



Howard Wallace,
Howard WallaceJames River Elementary School, Williamsburg

Mr. Howard recognized the need several years ago to assist students at the main entrance of the school and began to volunteer as the crossing guard for James River Elementary School.  Each day, rain or shine, he would interrupt his regular schedule to assist students crossing the main street to James River Elementary. Each day the students who walk to school are greeted by Mr. Howard as he directs the traffic and assists the students across the main street at the entrance to school.  Mr. Howard always gives a warm smile, a helping hand, and encouraging words to help students start their day.  Parents and community members alike have expressed their sincere appreciation for the attention to the safety of the students who walk to school that Mr. Howard so graciously provides.



Joe McDonald,
Lutie Lewis Coates Elementary School & McNair Elementary School, Herndon

Joe McDonaldOver the years, Joe McDonald has not only performed his duties with the utmost care and safety for the students, but has gone above and beyond to support their success as well.  He attends many of the evening community and school events, such as the fall and spring band, strings, and chorus concerts and the fall festival.  He is helps to build positive relationships with our students and staff and is even the mentor for a student.  Whenever there are concerns about the safety and well-being for the students, he is the first person to meet with the administration, ensuring that all of our students can come to school and go home safely. Without Mr. McDonald, our community and school would not be complete! 

Page last modified: Dec. 9, 2014