Prior to traveling in work zones you should KNOW YOUR FACTS! Do your research and know what to expect, where they are located and how you are expected to drive through these work spaces.

  • Before leaving, get the latest information on traffic and road conditions by calling 511, VDOT’s 24-hour interactive telephone service. Or sign up to receive personalized traffic alerts by e-mail or text messages, at Motorists can also see real-time traffic camera images on the 511 website.
  • Find out about ongoing road construction.  

Public Outreach and Education

VDOT and its partners are available to educate students on the challenges of driving in work zones and encourage safe driving habits.

Staying Safe: Exploring Virginia's Roadways 

Geared for 10 to 12-year-olds, this publication is designed to help pre-teens be responsible and knowledgeable road users by teaching them about Virginia's roadways including work zones. To order, send an e-mail to or call 703-383-2465.

Adventures in Driving: Survive the Ride

Adventures in Driving: Survive the RideThis publication PDF (PDF 1.7 MB) is designed to help teenagers make the transition from passengers to safe drivers.The guide is aimed at reducing the high crash and fatality rate in this age group. See page 7 for how to travel through a work zone safely.

Stay in the Picture Classroom

The Stay in the Picture Classroom has a poster you can download, and a Teacher's Guide PDF (PDF, 546 KB) for resources, information and activities for work zone awareness. Download a Stay in the Picture PDF (PDF 1.65 MB) brochure.


The following are links to work zone safety videos which may be used for safety talks or meetings.

A Sudden Change in Plans
Watch (7:40, WMV, 6.5 MB) Read Transcript pdf (PDF, 109 KB) 

On YouTube You Tube Logo - View the 2010 Work Zone Safety Playlist

View the 2010 Work Zone Safety Playlist


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