Work Zone Safety

Education and Outreach

Get Involved - Make a Difference

During National Work Zone Awareness Week, you may be asking how can I participate? The most important thing you can do to increase public awareness is get involved and let your actions be seen and voice be heard.

You can do this by:

  • Writing a letter to your local newspaper about the dangers drivers pose to work crews.
  • Wearing an orange ribbon during the week -- a great conversation starter. 
  • Being an example. Practice safe driving in a work zone: avoid distractions, follow signs, and obey speed limits.

All of us doing our part can increase safety for both  workers and drivers.

Videos: Watch and Learn

Encountering a Work Zone Can Mean "A Sudden Change in Plans"

VDOT's Work Zone Awareness Week Public Service Announcement

In the Classroom

VDOT and its partners are available to educate students on the challenges of driving in work zones and encourage safe driving habits.

For Kids and Teens

Adventures in Driving: Survive the RideAdventures in Driving: Survive the Ride PDF (PDF 1.7 MB) is designed to help teenagers make the transition from passengers to safe drivers. The guide is aimed at reducing the high crash and fatality rate in this age group. See page 7 for how to travel through a work zone safely.

Stay in the Picture Classroom

Download instructional materials and resources for teaching work zone safety.

David Rush with VDOT Conducts Workzone Awareness Sessions at VDOT.

Page last modified: Feb. 27, 2018