2035 State Highway Plan

2035 State Highway Plan


The Code of Virginia directs the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) to create an inventory of all construction needs for all transportation systems in the Commonwealth to be used in the development of Virginia’s Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan, VTrans.  For the highway component of the plan, VDOT develops the Virginia State Highway Plan. 


The Virginia State Highway Plan, currently undergoing an update to horizon year 2035, is reviewed every five years by VDOT’s Transportation and Mobility Planning Division to ensure the Plan contains the most up to date planning assumptions, analysis techniques and recommendations.

The State Highway Plan is directly related to other state transportation plans.



The Virginia State Highway Plan contains a list of recommendations for the interstate and primary highway systems, incorporating recommendations from existing corridor studies, county thoroughfare plans and comprehensive plans, Rural Long Range Plans (RLRPs), Small Urban Area Studies (SUATS), Metropolitan Planning Organization Constrained Long-Range Plans (MPO CLRPs) and the Strategically Targeted Affordable Roadway Solutions program (STARS).  The State Highway Plan incorporates pedestrian and bicycle facilities, transit, intermodal connectors and park and ride lots as essential components of the highway network.


State Highway Plan recommendations come from a variety of sources.


The State Highway Plan is not a financially constrained plan.  It is intended to provide an inventory of recommended improvements needed to address capacity and safety issues on the interstate and primary systems statewide, regardless of whether funding is available. 


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