In Design: Corridor Q: Route 460/121 Poplar Creek Phase A New Construction (Buchanan County)

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The design-build contract for Route 460/121 Poplar Creek Phase A is underway and includes design and construction of a 2.8-mile section of new highway in Buchanan County. The highway will be a two-lane, limited access highway, that will have truck climbing lanes where needed.

Route 460/121 Poplar Creek Phase A travels from the east end of Route 460/121 Hawks Nest section to Route 604 (Poplar Creek Road).


Route 460/121 will generate economic development, supplement the interstate system, connect Appalachia to the interstate system, and provide access to areas within the region as well as to markets in the rest of the nation.


Contact Info:

Sam Kiser, Project Manager

Major funding source: Federal Funds

Phase: In Design

UPC: 90282

State ID:0121-013-793,P102,R201,C501,D601

Federal ID: APD-013-1(067)

Long/Lat: 37.273889, -82.164722
Locality: Buchanan

Page last modified: Jan. 29, 2019