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I-77 north to I-81 south additional lane (Wythe County)

Project at a Glance
Begin Date
Fall 2017

Est Completion Date
September 2018

Construction: Approximately $6.8 million

W-L Construction & Paving, Inc., Chilhowie



Craig Jones, P.E., Area Construction Engineer

What's Being Done?

Work to add an additional travel lane and paved shoulders where I-77 north meets I-81 south in Wythe County finished September 2018. The improvements begin at I-77 Exit 32 and extend to the I-77/I-81 overlap at I-81 Exit 80.

VDOT fully funded the project through SMART SCALE, a program created to prioritize transportation projects statewide.  The project is valued at approximately $6.8 million.

Where I-77 north currently merges to one lane to access I-81 south, the project provides two I-77 northbound lanes onto I-81. The outside lane accesses I-81 exit 80, improving access to the exit, with the inside lane continuing along I-81.

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