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This is a project of the Virginia Department of Transportation, Virginia Tech’s Transportation Institute and Federal Highway Administration.

The Smart Road serves three purposes:

  • A Blacksburg link with Interstate 81
  • A transportation facility for public and private research
  • Economic stimulus for area

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Three kinds of overhead lights on height-adjustable poles configured to simulate 40-, 60- and 80-meter spacings.


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Overlapping lighting and all-weather sections will aid development of higher visibility highway markings and signs. Smart Road demonstrates weather change at the touch of a button.

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The control room overlooking the Smart Road where Virginia Tech researchers analyze data.


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Research is underway on vehicles' rear signaling devices and the use of ultraviolet headlights.

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The new bridge features local Hokie stone.


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The 2,000-foot bridge completes the two-mile test track, with an eastern end turnaround for non-stop test driving.

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